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Apple’s iBooks and Amazon’s Kindle (both free) are two of the best apps for reading a book iBooks Vs. Kindle - Which Is Better? [iPad] iBooks Vs. Kindle - Which Is Better? [iPad] A while ago I wrote a post about places to find free books for the iPad. In that post, I compared the iPad to designated eReaders and expressed the opinion that it’s not a worthy... Read More on your iPhone or iPad, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses – so which is right for your reading habits?

Amazon and Apple are each competitive when it comes to the price of digital books, but their respective apps each offer unique features for the purposes of annotating, reviewing, and sharing content.

We’ve produce a video to highlight the main features, comparisons and significant differences between the apps.

Over the years I have followed the development of each app, and that means I use them both. For general reading purposes, Amazon’s Kindle works best for me. Amazon has a wider selection of books and the online store is easier to access from on any device. On the other hand, if I were student or researcher, I might favor iBooks because it allows for copying and sharing selected text from ebooks, whereas Kindle does not.

I also prefer the latest version of Amazon’s Kindle because it allows for the filtering of annotations by highlight color, notes, bookmarks and starred annotations. This filtering feature is great for reviewing the contents of a book, and you can really come to rely on it.


Both Kindle and iBooks are free downloads and if you haven’t yet used them, I encourage you download them both to see which works best for your reading and studying needs.

Which do you prefer – maybe you use a third choice not featured here? Let us know, below.

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