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Thanksgiving celebrations take hold in US and the whole App Store gets in on the Black Friday deals. Fortunately, apps aren’t in limited quantity so there will be no scrambling for these bargains.

This week’s sales are dominated by music apps and board games, so if you’ve got your hands on a new iPad now would be the perfect time to discover your musical talent or simply relax with your family over a good board game or two. Whatever you’re up to this weekend, be kind to each other.


1Password ($17.99, now $9.99)

Probably our favourite commercial password solution, 1Password uses open source encryption to guarantee security but isn’t exactly cheap. Except today, because they’re having an almost-as-good-as half price sale and you can currently pick up the iOS client for iPhone and iPad for only $10.

Sunrizer Synth ($9.99, now $4.99)

Beep Street make a selection of tasty musical wares for touch devices, one of which happens to be Sunrizer Synth for the iPad. Sunrizer uses true Super Saw emulation, for a full and “epic” sound and includes over 380 presets to get you started. Compatible with other apps via MIDI as well as with AudioBus.


Impaktor ($4.99, now $0.99)

Also from Beep Street, Impaktor was the original microphone drum input app. Simply lay your iPhone or iPad on a flat surface in a quiet room, launch Impaktor and tap out a rhythm. Impaktor senses input when it hears a loud enough sound and uses the on-board synth to layer up to four tracks of percussion before exporting to the app of your choice, complete with AudioBus support.

Arturia iMini & iSEM ($9.99, now $4.99 each)

It’s a busy week for the iPad musician! Here we have two classic synthesizers re-created in software form by virtual instrument maestros Arturia. The first is iMini, a full software representation of the classic Minimoog analogue synthesizer.

Second up is the iSEM, a faithful reproduction of the Oberheim SEM. Both offer support for Tabletop, AudioBus and Apple’s Inter-App Audio standard, and both are half price for Black Friday.

Actions for iPad ($3.99, now $0.99)

Actions is like an extension to your keyboard on your iPad. Whether you’re sat right next to your computer and you need a separate screen full of oft-used functions, or you’re away from your computer but need to do something quickly; this app might be just what you need. To find out, read our full review of Actions Control Any Application On Your Mac Or PC Using Actions for iPad [iOS] Control Any Application On Your Mac Or PC Using Actions for iPad [iOS] If using keyboard shortcuts is not your forté but you spend a lot of time working in workhorse applications like Photoshop, GarageBand, Pages, Word or you simply want a faster way to execute menu items... Read More  before grabbing it for $0.99.


Limbo ($4.99, now $0.99)

Originally released for consoles as a downloadable and on the PC via channels like Steam, Limbo is now available on your iPhone or iPad for $0.99. Guide your character through a gloomy, beautifully weird and wonderful world in this masterpiece of a platformer for this ridiculously low price.

Infinity Blade ($5.99, now free)

Old but gold, everyone’s heard of Infinity Blade. If you’ve yet to try this much celebrated 3D iOS swordplay sim, now’s your chance – for free. Hack, slash and block your way past enemies, earn XP and unlock better weapons in this “eye candy” iOS exclusive.

Puzzle Quest 2 ($3.99, now $1.99)

Puzzle Quest is a rather successful series of games from Namco that debuted on the original Nintendo DS. The franchise has made it to iOS, bringing with it the RPG-meets-puzzling element that made the original so much fun. The trailer shown above is for the PC version, though the core gameplay remains the same.

Pandemic: The Board Game for iPad ($6.99, now $2.99)

I absolutely love wiping out humanity with a well-designed superbug Spread Disease & Destroy Humanity With The Best Pandemic Games [Web, iOS & Android] Spread Disease & Destroy Humanity With The Best Pandemic Games [Web, iOS & Android] The aim of the game is simple: you must infiltrate the human race, spread your disease and try to wipe-out humanity. It’s a game of strategy and vengeance! I was immediately hooked, and over the... Read More , don’t you? Pandemic: The Board Game is finally here for iPad, and now up to four players can go head to head in a bid to bring death and destruction to this spinning ball of rock we call home.

Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy ($6.99, now $4.99)

The official iPad app for the much-celebrated board game, Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy is a sci-fi themed board game for up to six players. Featuring seven species to choose from, complex gameplay mechanics, asynchronous multiplayer with push notifications and plenty of awards from the board game community, Eclipse might be worth a look.

Neuroshima Hex ($4.99, now $2.99)

Neuroshima Hex is a board game thats well-regarded among the dice and card community, and developers maintained their reputation for the iOS version. Set in a post-apolcalyptic world, Neuroshima Hex is a Polish board game for iPad and iPhone that supports up to four players. The game features four different armies to choose from, offline and online play, a whole single player campaign as well as asynchronous multiplayer.

That should be enough for another week of work and play. Catch us next Friday for more Apps on Sale.

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  1. James WIll
    November 29, 2013 at 9:57 pm

    These are also best apps for this black friday.

  2. vtp
    November 29, 2013 at 9:19 pm

    [iOS: iPhone and iPad]

    SALE: NOW $0.99 (Reg. $3.00).
    Partometer - camera measure tool for measuring on pictures/photos. Extends applications of your camera to size, angle, area, circle measurements.

    SALE: NOW FREE (Reg. $2.00).
    Millimeter - screen ruler for iPhone and iPad. Useful app for quick measurements. Use touch screen as a ruler to measure, to split objects into equal parts, measure object ratio (W/H), area, estimate diameter and angles, split circular objects into equal parts. Can be used as a Thread pitch gauge (TPI and Pitch).