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More of a survey than an actual application, ionz is a fun momentary distraction and creates a kind of art for you to admire. Here’s the idea: you answer a quick series of simplistic questions, ranging from what kind of food you like to your favorite social network. You are then shown how your choices compare to the tens of thousands of other people who have also used ionz for a moment. The real purpose of the site, it seems, is the nifty graphic you get afterwards.


This graphic is pretty slick. Graphically representing data seems to be all the rage online right now, and ionz takes advantage of this fact while mixing in the Internet generation’s inherent need to be compared to peers. You can customize the colors of this graphic and even save it as a wallpaper, a constant reminder of how different or similar you are when compared to your peers. Isn’t narcism fun?


  • Survey that compares you to the thousands of others who have taken it.
  • Asks about gender, means of transportation, favorite food, favorite animal, number of email accounts, favorite instant messaging application, favorite social network, hours spend online per day and hours spent sleeping per day.
  • Displays graphic comparing you to overall numbers that can be customized and saved as wallpaper.
  • Celebration of narcism.

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  1. Manchapfella
    August 12, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    It won't run in Chrome