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If you are one of the few always-on-alert drivers then you probably don’t need a tool like iOnRoad or any other collision monitoring tool for that matter. However, only some of us can claim to be in that category and therefore there is no harm in taking extra safety measures before hitting the road. This app for Android gives collision alerts and prevents you from having a head-on collision on a highway if you doze off unwittingly. It uses the phone’s camera to monitor the road in front so you’ll need to place the phone in your car accordingly.

car collision alert

It’s a free app and comes with some other features apart from collision alerts. The alerts can be delivered in audio so you don’t need to be looking at it while driving.


  • Android app to monitor and prevent collisions on road.
  • Provides audio alerts.
  • Uses phone’s camera to monitor the road.
  • Similar tools: Last Call, R-u-buzzed and SlowDown.

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