IObit Serves Up A Windows 8 Start Menu – For Free! [Updates]

start8thumb   IObit Serves Up A Windows 8 Start Menu – For Free! [Updates]There is a new option for Windows 8 users who want a start menu replacement – Start Menu 8. Newly released from IObit, the software gives users an easy way to abandon the new start screen and replace it with something more familiar.

The highlight of the software is obviously the start menu, though it’s perhaps the most boring feature. Enabling the menu with Start Menu 8 presents users with a faithful recreation of that found in Windows 7. Though customization is available, the basic look remains true to its roots. This stands in contrast to competitors like Stardock’s Start8, which includes attractive built-in themes. Start Menu 8 includes skin support, however, so significant customization should be possible. It just takes a bit more work.

startmenu8   IObit Serves Up A Windows 8 Start Menu – For Free! [Updates]

There is more to Start Menu 8 than just the menu, however. The tool can also be used to disable numerous Windows 8 features including the start screen, hot corners, the Metro sidebar and many new hotkeys. These features make it one of the most comprehensive replacements available and a good choice for users who hate Metro as much as they love the start menu. All of these options can be turned on or off individually, giving users complete control over how Windows works.

The app’s greatest advantage is price – free! This is not a trial, nor is it a demo – a paid version isn’t even offered. Windows 8 users longing for a return to the Windows 7 interface must give it a try.

Source: IObit

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Rubis Song

Here is something good for people that has decided to jump in Win 8 but still yearning for the old Win7/Vista layout!
Quite good! But if one day I decide to get W8 I don’t think I will need these softwares.


If i ever get a Win 8 machine or upgrade to the OS. Then i will definitely check this out!


So do I. And then you will find it works great for you :)


I’ve been using ‘Classic Shell’ with similar customizable features and more. But Startmenu8 seems to have a much better user interface.

Raazan Malla

I am also using Classic Shell. Is Startmenu8 better?

Raazan Malla

Today I tried to check boot time ie booting time till desktop screen shows. Without any start menu, normal boot up time for Windows 8 took 31 seconds on my laptop. Then I installed Startmenu8 and it took 1 min 12 seconds to boot up. After that I installed Classic Shell and it took only 26 seconds to bootup. I liked Classic Shell and I’m gonna use it.

Scott Macmillan

I will be recommending this to a few people having difficulties adopting to Windows8 new format.


Thanks from IObiters:D


I’ve missed this menu, thanks!

Nevzat Akkaya

A month has passed, I still can’t decide whether Metro UI is good or evil! I somehow missed Windows 7. Double UI and apps confuse me. Dropbox for Metro + Dropbox for standard UI, Adobe Reader for Metro + Adobe Reader for standard UI. I still don’t know why I need two versions of the same software.

Paul Girardin

After using Windows 8 (new tower), Windows 7 (laptop), Linux Mint 13 (old tower) and Android 4.2 on a Superphone (Samsung Galaxy Nexus) and a tablet (Google Nexus 7 by Asus), I can say I am getting familiar with all kinds of interfaces.

I have installed this IOBit offering not out of nostalgia but just for a quicker familiar way of getting to what I need to do.

I must say it is looking nice!


Does this support other OS before 8? For instance Vista or XP ?

Paul Girardin

Why would it need to?

It is merely coded for getting back the start menu that is already on 7, Vista and XP!

It is NOT a replacement for the original versions of the menu!


I’m curious: can I install this without admin privileges? Our company will be upgrading our desktops soon, and unfortunately my account is limited. I’m dreading the time when I will eventually be forced to use Windows 8. I use it on my personal PC though, but I installed Start8 to make it so much better.