IObit Launches Advanced SystemCare Ultimate With BitDefender Antivirus [Updates]

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IObit has recently announced the latest version of Advanced SystemCare. Known as Ultimate, this version is built to be a one-stop solution for all of a user’s system management and security needs. It accomplishes this by incorporating anti-virus technology provided by well-known security company BitDefender.

These features are provided through a pair of intuitive interfaces similar to those found in ASC 6. The simplified interface allows for one-click system maintenance while the expert interface provides more experienced users with options for managing their system.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate serves as a replacement for Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus 2013, which is no longer available. Current owners of ASC with Antivirus 2013 will be automatically upgraded to ASC Ultimate. It’s stand-alone software, so while it includes BitDefender antivirus, ownership of a separate product is not required.

Users can try the software free for 30 days. After that period the software can be purchased for $29.99. This license allows the software to be install on up to 3 PCs simultaneously.

IObit is also a MakeUseOf rewards partner. Advanced SystemCare Pro, Malware Fighter Pro and Protected Folder Pro can be obtained free of charge by redeeming points on our rewards page. Please note that the version of Advanced SystemCare offered via rewards is Pro, not Ultimate.

Source: IObit

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Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is affordable more than other shareware security tools, now it remains how effective is, indeed Bitdefender antivirus is capable, perhaps not as strong as in standalone Bitdefender arsenals.


Shannon Guest

Ive Being Using Advanced System care pro with antivirus 2013 for about 3months now, and Im Wondering do I get the Upgarde to advanced system care ultimate for free? or what happens


Shannon Guest

Will that mean If I own ASC pro with antivirus I will get a free upgrade to ASC ultimate?
or is that misread?


Jatin Rungta

This will not be good as standalone Bitdefender will it?

Lisa Santika Onggrid

Is that so? This is a full security suite with Bitdefender malware signature. I’m under impression this offers way more than the standalone Bitdefender.


Sri Vamsy Gurram

This is a interesting tie-up. Centainly make sence to buy in a bundle. Wondering why it took this long to make think kind of patnership


Efi Dreyshner

As maintenance software – ASC is awesome.
As security suite? Worst product on the market…


Bernardo Delapasion

does it have a free version


It has a 30 days trial, no completely free version unfortunately.


Ben PI

What does turbo boost do? Is it just a fancy name for a disk defragmenter?

Abba Jee

It closes the unused resource, user services and background applications temporarily
cheers :)


Jon Tsukiyo

I absolutely love ASC Ultimate 6, but I am curious …

1. Why is no antispyware module included ?
Windows 8 Action Center reports no antispyware installed ?
Yes, I understand IOBit offers antispyware software is a stand alone product .

2. And, why not include a firewall and make this a complete internet security suite ?

3. To date when I pose this suggestion to IOBit Support I get a polite response simply saying they will pass my suggestions on to the developers .

4. And, when IOBit says ASC Ultimate 6 is compatible with other security software is apparently not true ?
When I upgraded from ASC 6 it promptly uninstalled my Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 as incompatible with ASC SystemCare Ultimate 6 ?
Which poses another question since this product utilizes the Bitdefender antivirus engine ?

Go figure …

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