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Creating invoices is part of a business’s daily routine. Normally a lot of time is spent creating the format of each invoice but this time can be cut a great deal if you start using a web service called InvoiceToMe.

quickly create invoice

InvoiceToMe is a simple to use web service that lets you start creating invoices in a very convenient way. The site already has an invoice typed up on it. All the text fields in the invoice are editable. You can fill in your company’s name, the recipient’s details, and a custom introductory message for each invoice. While filling in the items you only need to name them, enter their quantity and rate – the final value of each item is calculated automatically.

Additional rows can be added to the list of items to create an invoice of more items. The site also lets you specify the percentage of sales tax; this amount is also automatically calculated and added to the total. Once your invoice is complete you can download it as a PDF file, print it out, and then send it to the recipients.


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