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We all love paying the lowest price possible for something but searching through lots of websites to do that is hard work. InvisibleHand is a tool that can help you find lower prices without clicking a single button. Once you install this extension on your favorite browser, start shopping for your desired product or flight and if InvisibleHand finds a cheaper price, it will automatically be displayed at the top of your screen.

The tool works with around 221 retailers and 589 airlines so far and works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE. Once a cheaper price is found, the tool also gives you a direct URL to the product and lets you know how much money you will save.

find lower prices


  • Finds lower prices for thousands of products and flights.
  • Works with 221 retailers and 500+ airlines.
  • Displays direct link to the cheaper product.
  • Works with Chrome, Safari, FF and IE.

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