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powerpoint onlineBack in 2008 Make Beautiful Online Presentations With Sliderocket Make Beautiful Online Presentations With Sliderocket Read More , we briefly reviewed the online multimedia application, SlideRocket. But in the last few years, the program has expanded, making for a powerful alternative – or dare we might say, a true replacement – to Microsoft’s PowerPoint platform. I’ve tried a few online presentation programs before, and each of them seemed lacking in features or too clumsy to use. This is not case with SlideRocket.

Its beautifully designed and easily accessible features enable you to create, publish, and share your presentations without the hassle of uploading and downloading them to the Internet for updates and online collaboration. In addition, if you’re using SlideRocket for business purposes it’s a perfect interactive tool for your clients.

Stunning Features

If you have experience with PowerPoint or Apple‘s Keynote, SlideRocket won’t be a stranger to you. Many of its features are similar to the former programs, but without the extra panels that sometime get in the way of creating presentations.

powerpoint online

SlideRocket includes about a dozen well designed themed master slides that can be customized for your particular needs. What makes SlideRocket a more practical platform is that all of your presentations and resources can be stored in one place, making it easy for you to access them on any computer with Internet access.

powerpoint online maker


As SlideRocket is an online program, you can easily share and collaborate with others to create slide projects. SlideRocket won’t automatically save your presentations, but if for some reason you lose your Wi-Fi connection it will attempt to recover unsaved changes to your presentation.

Multimedia Support

Some of the newer features of SlideRocket include the ability to pull media resources such as photos from sites like the photo sharing site, Flickr, the stock media site, Fotolia, Google Spreadsheets, as well as your own computer.

powerpoint online maker

Audio files included in SlideRocket must be purchased, but you can also import royalty-free music from programs like Apple‘s GarageBand and these online music sites The Best Sites To Download Free Music The Best Sites To Download Free Music Read More .

Layout Features

SlideRocket includes a surprising number of layout and design tools that are comparable to what you would find in PowerPoint and say Photoshop Elements.

powerpoint online maker

Beyond the ability to insert photos, movie files, charts, and audio files, SlideRocket enables you to do advance text formatting, layering and alignment of elements you add to slides. As you might expect, the program also includes a good variety of transition effects. They all may not be as dynamic as what you would find in PowerPoint and Keynote, but let’s be honest, how many presentations have you seen that were marred by the misuse of slide effects and animations?

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The free version of SlideRocket includes 250MB of storage and 15MB file size; up to 5 multi-seat accounts, shared folders/items, shared libraries, public presentations, Google indexing of Presentations, PowerPoint import and printing and exporting to PDF format. The Pro version includes a lot more, but if you’re not creating presentations on a regular basis, the free version should suffice.

Presentation Formats

SlideRocket includes HTML 5 platform 10 Websites to See What HTML5 Is All About 10 Websites to See What HTML5 Is All About Read More support, which means the presentations can be easily viewed in mobile applications like the iPhone and the iPad.

powerpoint online

You can also download the SlideRocket Desktop Presenter which lets you synchronize presentations from your online account to your desktop. This is useful for occasions when don’t have a Wi-Fi connection. SlideRocket is also accessible as a Google Chrome application, providing a one-click process to your account.

Let us know what you think of SlideRocket. Do you find it easy to use? Also, check out these other alternatives to PowerPoint The 4 Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint The 4 Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft PowerPoint is a fantastic tool, but you might need a free alternative. We have compiled the best presentation tools, just keep in mind that none of them are as good as the original. Read More .

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  2. Bakari
    April 21, 2011 at 2:20 am

    Thanks timmy and Jackson for your feedback and clarity about downloading Sliderocket presentations.

  3. Jackson
    April 20, 2011 at 11:50 pm

    You can download your SlideRocket presentation to a file on your desktop and play from there.

    • timmyjohnboy
      April 21, 2011 at 2:05 am

      Thanks, I missed your reply somehow.

  4. timmyjohnboy
    April 20, 2011 at 8:31 pm

    Sounds cool enough but without the the ability to download a presentation file or video file, it won't be as useful to me. Willing to give it a wurl though.

    Nice article Bakari!

    • Guest
      April 21, 2011 at 2:02 am

      You can download as an exe file or even convert into a ppt or pdf. I am a subscriber and have used it for some high-profile presentations. It is really good. I also use some non-linear presentation solutions (e.g. Prezi). Sliderocket is more like a PowerPoint, the non-linears are a cross-breed with something remotely close to Adobe After Effects, or, rather flash animations. The power is in combining both. The MS PowerPoint 2010 seems to be similar to Sliderocket, but I haven't tried it yet.

      • timmyjohnboy
        April 21, 2011 at 2:04 am

        Thanks, I'll def try it then!

      • Aibek
        April 23, 2011 at 3:41 pm

        thanks for the feedback