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A little over 6 months ago, we released the MakeUseOf iPhone app [App Store link], marking our first foray into mobile browsing. Ever since then, we’ve been constantly reminded to release an Android app by our very dedicated fans. Yes, we heard you. It took quite a while but we’ve finally managed to produce an Android app that we’re happy to release.

Meet the MakeUseOf app for Android. It’s free. And it’s here now.

With the Android app (as with the iPhone app), we wanted to keep things simple. All we wanted to achieve was a basic app that would perform well as a mobile browser, allowing our Android-equipped readers to view all aspects of MakeUseOf quickly and easily while on the go. The app may seem a little bare-bone but we think that it’s all you need to get your daily dose of MakeUseOf.

As you can see, the navigation bar is located at the top of the app, permitting you to quickly switch between the main site, Geeky Fun and Answers. By default, you’ll be viewing the main MakeUseOf feed but if you wish, you can select to only browse certain categories.

Geeky Fun and Answers work as you would expect. The Answers section will also allow you to submit your tech questions for our boffins to answer.

At the end of each post, we’ve integrated a Disqus comment system. Simple log in to your account and you’ll be commenting as though you’re on your desktop. As usual, we’re huge fans of social networking and with the Android app, you can share your favourite MakeUseOf posts via Twitter and Facebook effortlessly.

The MakeUseOf Android app is supported on Android OS 1.5 and above. Download it by scanning the QR code below or by visiting AppBrain.

Naturally, we would love to know what you think about our new app. Comments, suggestions and criticism are all welcomed. Enjoy!

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