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Web app that lets you make an iPhone friendly version for any website that offers RSS feed. Copy paste the RSS feed, enter the website title and click “iPhonize My Website!”. Intersquash will then take the provided feed and create an iPhone-friendly website from it. Bookmark the link it gives you on your iPhone and you’re good to go.

Intersquash - make sites iPhone friendly

If you are making an iPhone version for your own site, you can upload an image of your choice that would be used as an icon for your site on iPhone screen. Moreover, you can get a  header code that can be placed into your template to automatically redirect iPhone visitors to iPhone version of the site.


  • Make iPhone version of any website or blog that publishes RSS feeds
  • iPhonize as many sites as you like.
  • Upload website’s image icon to be used as screen thumbnail by iphone users.
  • Embed provided code in to your site and auto forward  iPhone visitors to iPhone friendly version of your site.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • No signup needed.
  • Check out sample of iPhone version of this site.

Watch demo video below:

Check out Intersquash @

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