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If you love sticky notes for Windows 7 then you might need a more useful version of sticky notes that lives right in your browser. Internote is a Firefox addon that allows you to stick notes to web pages. You can save notes on websites so you can see them again once you return.

stick notes to web pages

Internote works just like a desktop app that integrates with Firefox. You can move notes, resize, change colors, and also import and export. The options window helps you manage all your notes at once. If you have too many notes, you can minimize all of them in one click to remove clutter. Plus since Internote does not integrate with any web app, it just appears as a layer in your homepage which makes it much more secure.

Internote is an awesome tool that makes it easy to stick notes anywhere – very useful for remote workers who rely on lots of websites for work. In addition, having these notes on your webpages will increase your productivity since everything is laid out for you.


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