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Not everyone in the world has a computer connected to the Internet. While some regions like United States, Japan, South Korea or Europe have a very high Internet penetration rates there are many other countries where Internet connection is still something available to a minority.

InternetWorldStats is a free resource that lets you find out internet usage statistics for different geographical regions and countries, including penetration rates, total users and recent user growth, on charts and tables.

find out internet usage

You may explore different region on the globe and get detailed statistics for every country in the region. Furthermore, there is an option to compare each country’s stats (usage rates, growth) with its region and world averages.

internet usage by country


  • View worldwide Internet internet usage by country.
  • View Internet penetration rates, total users and growth rate for different geographical regions (Europe, Middle East, Africa etc) and countries.
  • Browse detailed statistics for every single country and compare it against others.
  • The statistics data comes from various reliable sources including Nielsen Online, International Telecommunications Union, US Census Bureau and other sources.

Check out InternetWorldStats @

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