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Explaining the Internet to a web illiterate or somebody who is new to computers is not easy. Teaching them how to reach their email, online photos, or social networking account can be quite difficult. To simplify and ease the process, you can get help from a site called Internet Buttons.

web illiterate

Internet Buttons is a free to use website. The site lets you place brightly colored buttons on a webpage. These buttons act as shortcuts to other URLs. You choose how many buttons to place on your webpage; your selection is saved through the account you create. You can name the buttons whatever you want and choose a different color for each button. Through a public URL to your buttons page you can access the startpage from anywhere.

This simple way of labeling the web shortcuts through brightly colored buttons will definitely be preferred by people new to computers and the Internet.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you create a startpage brightly colored buttons for net illiterate.
  • Buttons are shortcuts to URLs.
  • The buttons are completely customizable.
  • Helps make the Internet easier to use.
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