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Eric Fensler heads Fenslerfilm, a video production company based in Chicago, Illinois. As well as music videos How To Download & Archive Free Music Videos To Watch Later How To Download & Archive Free Music Videos To Watch Later Read More and TV spots, Eric is responsible for some of the greatest videos ever to go viral on the internet 3 Ways to Go Viral By Offering Free Stuff With a Tweet to Download System 3 Ways to Go Viral By Offering Free Stuff With a Tweet to Download System If you’re a creative type or have any kind of expert knowledge to share, one very effective way to bring traffic to your site is to offer a free download of your work - be... Read More – the incredible G.I. Joe public service announcement parodies.

We really are encroaching on “old internet” territory here, and my first memories of watching these films was in a classroom many years ago. By this point you’ll either already have the line “pork chop sandwiches!” running through your head or you’re staring rather blankly at the screen (don’t worry).

The films that follow earned Eric a cease-and-desist order Chilling Effects – A Lesson In DMCA Takedown Notices Chilling Effects – A Lesson In DMCA Takedown Notices The Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a major slice of law put in place by the United States government in order to crack down on piracy. Chilling Effects is an information portal and compendium... Read More from Hasbro for using their intellectual property, but it was probably worth it.

Pork Chop Sandwiches

Fenslerfilm’s formula involved taking original clips, removing key aspects, adding hilarious dialogue and sound clips before sewing it all back together again. Pork Chop Sandwiches has to be one of the most famous of all the parodies, and that’s why it’s on this list first.

Interestingly the parodies can often also included additional animation work, or simply basic looping of an animation as is seen in this video.

Body Massage

Depending on your sense of humour, one of funniest aspects of these videos is the inanity contained within. “Body Massage” starring Roadblock is fairly random, and that’s before you even consider that the original PSA must have been advice to stop kids playing with flailing, live electric cables or something.

Body massage!


A fairly obvious PSA warning children about the dangers of running on ice, Skier involves foul-mouthed kids, a winter accident and one grumpy version of G.I. Joe character Snow Job.

There are very few straight audio-replacement parodies that pack as much punch as this one.


What appears to be a “don’t drink the stuff in the medicine cabinet” PSA soon evolves into a reggae sing-along that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever – but who cares, that’s why these parodies are so great.

Those of you who have been wondering for years and years, the lyrics appear to be “Sunshine dey yah, a time fi di bus ride,” in reference to the song “Fun Time Deh Ya” by Night Rider.

Dockside Bars

Some of these parodies make the original PSA messages quite hard to determine. This one, I believe, is “don’t steal your friends bike in front of your friend” which is an odd message to be putting out.

Regardless, things quickly take a downward turn for Johnny who soon learns a few things about his parentage.

I Wanna Get In The Fridge Too

Children! Constantly playing with old refrigerators – am I right? Well, not entirely but that’s what this PSA was originally designed to warn against: the perils of an abandoned fridge.

So how do you make it funny? Reverse the message entirely of course.


Previously I mentioned Fenslerfilm’s additional animation work that was often carried out to change the tone, voice and of course message delivered in the original film. Sometimes the changes were short but sweet, as seen at the end of this clip.


Not only pardoying G.I. Joe but also classic Japanese Fun Tools to Translate Your Name into Japanese Calligraphy Fun Tools to Translate Your Name into Japanese Calligraphy Read More anime, the audio from this PSA has been completely replaced with Japanese dialogue which has little relevance to what’s actually occurring in the scene.

Basic greetings and phrases are uttered, before the trademark vocal ending is replaced with the Japanese “Jii wara tashi fu sukuru”.

Buzz Lightyear

Opening with an emphatic “I haxx0red your mom’s ass last night!”, this film was clearly meant to deliver some safety tips about wearing a life vest and not falling off boats. That message has not been entirely lost, though it is a lot funnier now.

1, 2, 3, Err…

One of the defining moments of stupid internet humour, this particular film starts out as a baseball match and soon becomes some sort of strange competition between the coach and a student. Additional praise for the outro is also warranted.

The Rest

These 10 should get you started, but there are in fact 25 films in total that make up the Fenslerfilm PSA parodies. YouTube user ‘escapingplutoscave’ has uploaded the lot and you can enjoy them all in the playlist below.

Watch: Fenslerfilm G.I. Joe Parodies 1-25 @ YouTube


Now that all 25 of the G.I. Joe Fenslerfilm parodies are at your disposal why not let us know which ones you prefer in the comments below? Are there any other parodies 10 of the Funniest iPad YouTube Spoofs You Have to Watch 10 of the Funniest iPad YouTube Spoofs You Have to Watch Read More , redubs - Hilariously Misconstrued Lyrics & Sound Bites [Stuff to Watch] - Hilariously Misconstrued Lyrics & Sound Bites [Stuff to Watch] Lip reading is the art of interpreting what is being said solely based on mouth movement - but I’m sure you probably already knew that. Intentionally bad lip reading is a whole different talent altogether,... Read More or recuts online that are anywhere near as funny these? If so we want to hear about them – add your thoughts, comments and links in the section below!

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