Use Internet Explorer In Google Chrome With IE Tab

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ie in chrome   Use Internet Explorer In Google Chrome With IE TabInternet Explorer users and IE-only websites still exist, so even Chrome fans have to use IE occasionally. Why bother launching Internet Explorer when you can run it in a browser tab? IE Tab is ideal for web developers and anyone needing an IE-only website.

IE Tab for Chrome was developed by the same people that created IE Tab for Firefox. It can emulate a variety of IE versions and automatically launch IE-only websites in IE mode, so you don’t even have to think about it. User Agent Switcher for Chrome is another option for IE-only websites, but it just makes Chrome pretend it’s Internet Explorer – IE Tab doesn’t pretend, it is IE.


The IE Tab extension embeds the Internet Explorer Web Browser Control included with Windows. If you’re using Mac OS X, Linux, or even Chrome OS, it won’t work. Remember to keep Internet Explorer updated – IE Tab is only as secure as the version of IE on your system.

IE Tab has a variety of uses:

  • Web Development – View web pages in IE 7, IE 8, or IE 9 mode.
  • IE-Only Websites – Load IE-only websites within Google Chrome.
  • Outlook Web Access & Sharepoint – Use features that only work in IE.
  • ActiveX Controls – Run ActiveX Controls, an IE-only technology

Getting Started

After you install IE Tab, you’ll get an IE Tab icon on your toolbar and an IE Tab submenu in your right-click menu. Click the button to load the current page in an embedded IE window.

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image49   Use Internet Explorer In Google Chrome With IE Tab

IE Tab doesn’t integrate perfectly with Chrome – each IE tab frame has its own address bar. To bookmark a page, click the bookmark icon on the IE Tab toolbar. IE Tab will create a bookmark and save it to the “IE Tab” folder on your bookmarks toolbar. When clicked, the bookmark will load the current page in an IE Tab.

image50   Use Internet Explorer In Google Chrome With IE Tab

You can tell it’s using Internet Explorer because it isn’t rendering MakeUseOf properly. (To be fair, the drop-down menu works properly when IE Tab is set to IE 9 mode, but it uses IE 7 compatibility mode by default.)

Advanced Options

Open the options page by right-clicking the IE Tab icon on your browser’s toolbar and selecting Options. The options page is divided into four panes.

The IE Options button is a quick way to open the system-wide Internet Options dialog – IE Tab uses Internet Explorer’s system-wide settings.

image51   Use Internet Explorer In Google Chrome With IE Tab

The Auto URLs feature allows you to automatically open defined URLs in IE mode. You can define rules using wildcards or regular expressions – or just enter an exact path to a specific web page. When you navigate to any of the pages that match these rules, IE Tab will take over.

image52   Use Internet Explorer In Google Chrome With IE Tab

The Auto URL Exceptions box can narrow down overly broad Auto URL rules. If there’s a good page that would match one of your Auto URLs rules, you can whitelist it here.

image53   Use Internet Explorer In Google Chrome With IE Tab

IE Tab emulates IE 7 by default, but you can emulate different IE 8 or IE 9 modes if you have a newer version of Internet Explorer installed. You must restart Google Chrome after changing this setting.

image54   Use Internet Explorer In Google Chrome With IE Tab

Windows Explorer in Chrome

I’m not sure why you’d want to do this, but you can embed Windows Explorer in Chrome with IE Tab. Just type a local file system address, such as C:\, into IE Tab’s address bar.

The embedded Windows Explorer works just like the Windows Explorer windows on your system. This feature takes advantage of the close relationship between Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer.

image55   Use Internet Explorer In Google Chrome With IE Tab

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Do you still have to use an IE-only website – maybe an internal web app on your intranet? Or have you fully escaped IE’s clutches? Leave a comment and let us know.

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Kyem Ghosh

liked it!! Now I don’t have to open IE to open my University’s website!!!

Chris Hoffman

Yup, set it to always open in an IE tab and you won’t even have to think about it again.



This is one way, also works in firefox browser. The other way is to use a multi-core browser. Such as maxthon3 (IE&webkit),Avant browser(IE&gecko&webkit)?When you want to use Internet explorer, just switch the rendering engine to IE mode.

Chris Hoffman

That’s true, I keep hearing about multi-core browsers. It’s an interesting concept, especially for developers and testers.



Since my work uses sharepoint for our management system I have to use the IE tab because sharepoint does not load well within Google chrome especially if i have scroll over. But this beats actually opening the dreaded Internet Explorer window which crashes every few minuets.

Chris Hoffman

If only Microsoft would update their intranet web apps — they talk a good talk on HTML and open standards these days, but they aren’t yet walking the walk (Microsoft’s website is still full of Silverlight videos, too).




how can I open an application using IE Tab = Google Chrome Extensions.

Thank you.

Chris Hoffman

Hmm, sorry — can you rephrase that question?

IE Tab doesn’t really open applications — just websites within Google Chrome.


I use an app called offline edition which requires IE8 to open it. I do not you anymore IE8 already update it to 9, so I have download IE tab which as the option to open IE8 pages. So, when I start the app the software open with screen to enter my login data, and after I put the data in, press start it actually open IE browser, and I would like that the app will continue be open under IE tab.

I do I make it happen.

Thanks, Isaac

Chris Hoffman

Oh, that’s too bad — it sounds like it’s hard-coded in Salesforce and you can’t change it. I don’t think you can fix that. Sorry about that! It would be nice if we could ditch IE completely, I agree.


Khalid Arif

Well i want to open IE web site on my anoride phone ? can i use this Ie tab on this if not then tell me is any devolpment going on this concept thanks



If you are still looking for an answer to this question, try to ask it here: MakeUseOf Answers. Good luck!


Khalid, I am looking for this feature on the mobile version of Chrome for either Android or Apple (ios)? I have a specific site I remotely login into that requires me to carry a laptop to use IE explorer (requires IE5.0 or better) and I believe is a Java program… Anyway, have you had any luck?


Ok, just answered my own question and Khalid’s- from android mobile developer forum:

Does Chrome for Android support apps and extensions?
Chrome apps and extensions are currently not supported on Chrome for Android. We have no plans to announce at this time.

Chris Hoffman

Even if Android supported extensions, it wouldn’t work — IE Tab uses the Internet Explorer files included on Windows (so it won’t work on Mac OS X, for example.)

You can try using some sort of VNC client to remote into a Windows computer, but there’s no really good option for running IE on a phone (well, I guess you could get a Windows Phone!)



I am using this to see the full-menu that comes with outlook web access. Especially the option for archive-explorer (secondary storage via symantec archive) is not seen in either firefox or chrome. So very helpful there. But I am still looking for something better or just outlook web interface to be as generous with Chrome as it is with IE.


Chris Hoffman

Unfortunately, that’s just something Microsoft needs to fix!


Carter Brainerd

I have never heard of an IE only website.. any examples?



Even if a add a URL to Auto URL winodw of ie tab option, it does not automatically open into IE if i type the exact same URL again later. Why?

Chris Hoffman

Weird, maybe it no longer works properly — I see the changelog says they’ve “* Fixed a problem with Auto URLs not working for intranet sites or adding strange characters”

You may want to contact the developer, I suppose. Could be another bug.

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