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Inteliance is a software company that specialises in networking and related software, and along with their premium products, the company has released a free network tool call NetToolset for Windows. The software is designed to provide quick, easy and robust access to some of the most commonly used network features from the one application.

In addition to being able to query multiple hosts simultaneously, with access to the response times from each, NetToolset allows you to perform trace routes, DNS and reverse DNS lookups. These tools are useful for detecting whether or not a host is being denied access, and where the denial is taking place.

NetToolset can also be used to look up domain names and IP addresses in a whois query capacity, revealing information about domain names such as the registrar, who the domain is registered to and when it expires. The software can be used to run a portscan, exposing any open ports Open Router Ports & Their Security Implications [Technology Explained] Open Router Ports & Their Security Implications [Technology Explained] Read More that may allow an intruder into a network.

It must be said that these functions can all be performed using the Windows command line 10 Windows Command Line Tips You Should Check Out 10 Windows Command Line Tips You Should Check Out Read More , and so this free application simply places these tools into an attractive interface that’s less daunting for newbies and generally nicer on the eye, as you can see in the screenshot above.


  • A network toolkit for Windows users.
  • Ping, traceroute, DNS and reverse DNS lookup, whois for IP and domains as well as portscanning all supported.
  • Wraps core network functions found in Windows into a nice UI.

Download @ Inteliance NetToolset from

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