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Overclocking is a ritual among computer hardware geeks. Once you’ve done it you enter into a circle of extreme geeks who can quote voltages, clock speeds and processor multipliers. This elite group can increase performance of their computers without spending extra dough – but they also risk the chance of permanent hardware damage.

In the past, such damage has been strictly considered a warranty-breaking offense. Now Intel is changing its tune for customers willing to part ways with a little extra cash. The company now offers a Performance Tuning Protection Plan that covers you if you push your processor beyond its limits.

While you do have to pay for the plan, the pricing is reasonable. The Core i5-2500K can be covered for $20, the Core i7-2600K/2700K can be covered for $25, and the Core i7-3930K/3960X can be covered for $35. Coverage is considered an addition to the standard 3 year warranty. Plans aren’t available for other processors.

Intel’s decision to open this program is a sign of the confidence the company has in its products. The low prices on these plans indicate that the company believes there’s a very small chance that users will be able to destroy their processors Decoding Intel's Laptop Processor List [Technology Explained] Decoding Intel's Laptop Processor List [Technology Explained] The modern computer processor has always been a complex piece of technology, and that shows no signs of changing. Such complexity brings a challenge to companies such as Intel. Making great products is one thing,... Read More accidently by overclocking them.

Ironically, that makes buying a protection plan unnecessary. But if you’ve always wanted to overclock – and decided not to for fear of roasting your processor – this warranty should give you the confidence you need.


Source: Slashgear
Image Credit: News Poland

  1. Chris Hoffman
    January 22, 2012 at 3:19 am

    Probably would have been more useful back in the day.

    I suppose it's somewhat anecdotal, but I don't see as much enthusiasm for overclocking these days. It doesn't feel as important anymore.

    • epiquestions
      January 22, 2012 at 5:44 am

      yeah it would have been useful back in the day where mobo's don't offer OC'ing options from the bios with great protection against burning your cpu. As long as you have a decent reliable PSU and mobo you wouldn't need to fork out extra cash to protect your CPU.

      I don't agree that there is not much enthusiasm for overclocking these days what with all the technology being developed for overclocking.But yeah it is not as important anymore unlike back in the day where the technology is much more expensive(in a bang for buck sense) and you would have to have great knowledge in overclocking the mobo physically. I think that the drive for OCing is just a little different. You overclock these days to push the hardware to the limit to show it off...not to really get the most out of the hardware you bought because you need the extra juice to get the job done.

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