InSync Is Google Drive For Power Users

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insync google driveDropbox has long been considered the main player in cloud data synchronization, but services like Google Drive and Microsoft’s SkyDrive are busy making a comeback. With a big and familiar user base, and more competitive pricing, it’ll be hard on Dropbox to maintain its current position in the market.

Personally, I’ve always been a Google fanboy, so when Google Docs changed into Google Drive, I was naturally very excited. For more information about Google Drive, take a look at Chris’s article: A Look At Google Drive, Google’s Long-Awaited Cloud Storage Service.

When I started using Google Drive, I was very enthusiastic in general, as all the rudimentary features were present, but more advanced options and customizability are to be sought elsewhere. More precisely, with InSync.


InSync is not a new application. Before the launch of Google Drive, it was marketed as a Google Docs synchronization utility. You can read Jeffry’s article on how to Sync Your Google Docs To Multiple Machines With InSync. After the big launch, it changed course accordingly.

insync google drive

So what can you expect from InSync these days? Quite simply, it’s a Google Drive utility for more professional and power users. If you use Google Drive (or Google Docs) excessively, or are looking for more functionality, this tool is for you.

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Among other things it adds external hard drive support, integration with multiple Google accounts, and additional system integration. Best of all, it’s available for Mac OS X and Windows computers, and a Linux version is in the pipeline, as are several mobile applications.


After downloading and installing InSync on your Mac OS X or Windows computer, integration is as easy as logging into your Google account. Right away, an InSync folder will be created in your user home folder, which will sync to your data on Google Drive.

insync google docs

One of the most impressive feats that InSync manages to pull off is synchronization with multiple Google Drive accounts. To do this, go to Account Info, and select the “Connect another Google account” option. You can also move your InSync folder away from your home folder — say, to another partition on your hard drive — in the InSync preferences. Here you’ll also be able to configure proxy settings.

Main Differences With Google Drive

The main idea you should carry away from this article is that InSync does not complement the Google Drive synchronization client, but seeks to replace it. It does so surprisingly well. Most of the functionality that you’ll find in the official client is also present in InSync. On top of that, a number of benefits are added.

Unlike the official Google Drive client, you can edit documents in your favorite office suite while you’re offline, and share files with friends and colleagues using a right-click context menu as shown below.

insync google drive

As we said above, most of the original functionality of Google Drive can be found in InSync, but there are exceptions. The main exception being that you can’t use selective sync. If you want to use InSync, you’ll have to sync all the files in your Google Drive.

Does InSync make Google Drive more attractive to you? Let us know what’s your favorite cloud synchronization service, and why!

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Comments (10)
  • Mah

    I’m from Iran
    I use google drive
    google drive in iran blocked
    how can use proxy (like Tor) for sync and connect google drive?

    thanks for your help

  • Gian Singh

    nice another one…

  • Chivas

    Is it me or is the link on Chris’s article: A Look At Google Drive, Google’s Long-Awaited Cloud Storage Service really a dead end? I clicked on it to read it but was taken to 404 error page? :-D

    Btw, thanks for this article, I was looking into an option for Skydrive where I can save and sync my files to multiple accounts from one desktop. It doesn’t normally allow it, unless you do some tweaking of course.

    Thanks for another useful read! *two thumbs up*

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Since InSync essentially depends on Google Drive but is in competition with the Google Drive official client, how long will it be before Google starts altering the API so InSync has to play catch-up all the time?

    This is a generic problem with third party utilities that rely on a main provider for their functionality and even existence.

    The lack of selective sync could be a deal breaker for a lot of people as well.

    • Simon Slangen

      Hi Richard,

      I don’t necessarily agree with that perspective.

      A software company releases an API to encourage third-party developers to incorporate a service in other applications. Why? Because when push comes to shove InSync is not in competition, but a client of Google, and all clients of InSync are clients of Google by proxy. This allows them to reach out to a bigger part of the market by giving users an alternative way to experience their core product, without having to develop or maintain it themselves.

      There’s a significant difference with, say, YouTube video downloaders, because these applications don’t use any official API but some type of back door / reverse engineering.

      In the end, it’s in a software company’s best interest to maintain their public API’s, deprecate it if the maintenance costs outweigh the benefits, or shift to a premium API.

  • Rigoberto Garcia

    If you’re using Google products (Google apps), I highly recommend using Google Drive, especially for collaborative work. I am also a user of DropBox for a couple of years and their service is impeccable (cloud storage and file synchronization with your computer)

    • Simon Slangen

      Thanks for the tip! Both are excellent clients to access Google Drive.

      PS: DropBox fan here, too. :-)

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Affiliate Disclamer

This review may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.

For more details, please read our disclosure.