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Bring Instagram back where it belongs – in your Twitter news feed. InstaTwit is a small extension for Google Chrome that shows photos from Instagram right in Twitter, exactly where they used to show up.

Facebook bought Instagram; both parties promised nothing would change. Months later Instagram, which made a name for itself with images that went viral on Twitter, has ceased to integrate with that social network – Twitter users now need to click through and look at pictures on Instagram itself. Some might consider this an awesome way to avoid seeing food pictures, but if you enjoyed seeing Instagram images without leaving Twitter you’re almost certainly annoyed.

Don’t panic: there’s a solution.

instagram photos to twitter

InstaTwit is the quickest way to solve this problem – just install and Instagram images will show up right in Twitter again, as seen above. There’s really nothing else to this plugin, and there honestly doesn’t need to be – it’s just a simple way to pull pictures from Instagram into your Twitter stream. Directing uses to their site is probably a good business move for Instagram, but that doesn’t mean it’s not annoying for users – so bring those pictures back with InstaTwit.

Do you use a Twitter client instead of Instagram? This won’t help: it only embeds Instagram pictures within Twitter’s web client on Chrome. So this is only helpful if Chrome is your browser, and if the web is your preferred way to use Twitter, but it’s better than nothing.

  • A user friendly Chrome extension.
  • Brings Instagram images back to Twitter.
  • Makes things work exactly like they used to.

Check out Instatwit @ the Chrome Web Store

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