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The major iOS application updates are coming fast and furious. Instapaper is not one to be left behind, so they have rolled out a massive update for their iOS app that brings with it some great new features. The first, and most noticeable, feature is the addition of the iBooks style Pagination option. This will give iOS users who do most of their reading in iBooks a feel that is familiar, and will make Instapaper feel like a more comfortable place.

They also made great improvements to the old pagination style. It is faster than it was in previous versions of the app, and of course, much faster compared to the iBooks style. This gives users options: do you want flipping pages to look prettier and feel more like reading a book, or do you want it to be fast and efficient?

Instapaper also added some convenient new gestures to make controlling the app easier. You can swipe with two fingers to quickly close an article and move to something else. They also changed the bottom of the screen to a draggable dot bar to replace the scroll bar.

Instapaper have improved overall readability in the app by making the sepia color tint selectable at any time. This helps make reading a little easier on the eyes when you are feeling strained.

Of course, this application update also comes with your standard bug fixes and performance upgrades. As a total package, it is a solid update for Instapaper, and one that avid users of the service should enjoy.


Source: Instapaper Blog

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