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remote assistance software freeIf you’ve ever thought of finding a simpler way to help your friends or relatives with your computer skills, rather than having to be physically there to assist them with the installation of an app or the removal of spyware/viruses, then remote support to their PC might do the trick for you.

We’ve previously covered other remote support programs such as Crossloop Remote PC Assistance with Crossloop Remote PC Assistance with Crossloop Read More , PCHelpware PCHelpware- Lightning Fast Tool for Remote Support (Win) PCHelpware- Lightning Fast Tool for Remote Support (Win) Read More , Schnitz Remote Lite How to Setup Easy Remote Support on the Mac How to Setup Easy Remote Support on the Mac Read More and Teamviewer TeamViewer - Be A Remote Support Superhero! TeamViewer - Be A Remote Support Superhero! Read More but today we are going to look at remote assisstance software – Instant Housecall.

Instant Housecall allows you to connect to a friend or relative’s computer. All they need to know is your unique Instant Housecall specialist ID.

-instanthousecall - remote assisstance software


This desktop version of Instant Housecall is the Free Edition. It can be installed and configured on computers that operate on Windows 2000, XP, and Vista. Once you’ve downloaded Instant Housecall and configured it, you will be granted temporary access to another computer’s remote system once the user on the other end allows you to obtain it.

The user seeking assistance by you will have to visit and enter your specialist ID which you chose at the time you downloaded and registered your version.


The Grass is Greener on the Other Side

When you have access, you will be able to move the mouse on the user’s desktop, open/close apps, remove/add programs, and more as if you were actually sitting in front of their computer. The specialist ID is very important and it will also act as your username when logging into the system. The user who needs you to come to the rescue will utilize this ID to enter it on the developer’s site (listed above) and download a small client that will allow you to instantly gain access to their PC and fix/add whatever need be.

Immediately after the user has requested your help and installed the simple client on their PC, a small Instant Housecall window will pop-up on your desktop and let you know that your assistance is needed. You will not only be able to manipulate their desktop, but you will also have full control of file sharing/transferring between your computer and theirs. You will also find the use of a built-in chat application helpful as well.

The Conclusion of Your Housecall

Instant Housecall is extremely easy to use because you won’t find any trouble bypassing through the users firewall once they’ve granted you access.  You will have full control of their computer as if it were your own, and you will be able to chat with them sending them instructions or confirmations with this app’s simple chat system. This is a professional app that lets you share your PC skills with friends, relatives, and others. If you decide to use this app then you can further read of its functionality with the simple user guide.

If you decide to give it a go, let us know in the comments what you think about it and how it compares to its rivals such as Crossloop.

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