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Instagram is a very popular photo sharing app, which you can access from almost anywhere – web, iOS or Android devices. If you got yourself a Windows 8/RT powered mobile device and want to view your Instagram photos, check out Instametrogram.

It is an Instagram viewer for Windows 8/RT platforms. It pulls Instagram photos from your account and groups them into folders – Feed, MyFeed and MyLikes.  The “Feed” folder lists the latest photos from your friends. “MyFeed” are your own photos and MyLikes are the photos that you have liked. All the photos are listed along with their date, number of likes, hashtags and comments.


From within the app you can browse photos (by swiping through them), like them, comment on them or share them with others. For every photo you can click to see it in full size or see where it was taken on a map (if its geographical position is available). One drawback of this app, though, is that you can’t upload your photos through it but can simply browse and view the existing photos pulled from Instagram.

It is free to download and use but shows ads at the top of the app.



  • View your Instagram photos.
  • Swipe through images.
  • View your photos and likes.
  • Get notifications on new images.
  • Share your photos by email or on SkyDrive.
  • See photos from your friends and their latest updates.
  • Browse photos by hashtags.
  • Search friends and images.
  • View all the photos on the map that are geo-tagged.
  • Only for Windows 8 and RT platforms.
  • Free, ad-supported.
  • Related tools – Padgram.

Check out Instametrogram @

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