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wii youtube channelInstall the official YouTube app on your Wii. Watch the best cat videos from the comfort…

Wait!” says the reader. He only read one-and-a-half sentences, but immediately rushed to the comments. Someone was wrong on the Internet. “You totally just screwed up. You meant Wii U. Why would Google waste its time…”

Shut up and listen” I snap, glass of whiskey in hand. I turn around to look out the window, staring at the mountains, then speak quietly. “I’m not joking, and I didn’t screw up. Nintendo just added YouTube to the Wii Shop Channel. It’s on their website and everything.”

I pause.

“This is real” I say. “Google just now, in November 2012, announced an official YouTube App. For the Wii. Regular old, controller-that-looks-like-a-TV-remote, Wii.”

Well…” says the reader, confused, “What’s the point of that?

Let’s find out.

Using YouTube for Wii

Fire up the YouTube channel. If you’re signed in, you’ll see your subscriptions and playlists; if not, you’ll see the standard categories from YouTube.

wii youtube channel

The visual style is not Wii-sque at all, which is probably a good thing in this case. It’s modern, clean and content-focused. Click a video to watch it or use the + and – buttons on your WiiMote to browse longer lists.

I signed in almost immediately, because I love my channels dearly. Doing so was elegant – no typing your password using an on-screen keyboard here.

wii youtube

You’ll need a computer or phone handy to sign in, but you only need to once. Explore your channels, again using the + and – buttons to browse completely lists

wii youtube

One thing that’s really nice: YouTube for Wii will keep playing after a video ends. This is great if you’re catching up on videos for a particular channel.

wii youtube

Playback is pretty good, considering most videos on YouTube are HD at this point while the Wii itself is not HD capable.

The built-in search means you can quickly find any YouTube video quickly.

wii youtube channel

This is perfect for YouTube parties. And considering that, for many, the Wii is the only Internet-capable device connected to their TV, I’m sure it will see some use for just that. It’s just a shame this didn’t exist…you know…years ago.

Installing YouTube For Wii

Note that the YouTube Channel is, as of this writing, only available in the US of A. Sorry, most of earth’s population: you’ll have to wait a while longer. Good thing you’re used to that, I guess.

Installing is simple – just fire up the Wii Shop Channel – assuming your Wii is connected to the Internet. Nintendo released an update for the Wii Shop Channel earlier this month; you’ll need to install it in order to download YouTube.

Homebrew users – don’t worry about this update. It only updates the Wii Shop channel, and won’t affect the Homebrew Channel, assuming you followed my Wii homebrew tutorial How to Set Up Your Wii for Homebrew Using Letterbomb How to Set Up Your Wii for Homebrew Using Letterbomb In ancient times, running homebrew software required owning a specific game and corrupting its save data to run an exploit. It was complicated. The most recent hack, which has been working for a year now,... Read More or something like it.

If you’ve been messing with things outside my tutorial, however, like installing a custom IOS or playing backup copies of games, proceed with caution as always.


It’s insanely late for Nintendo and YouTube to be offering this – something around 2007 would have brought YouTube to the medium.

Feel free to leave comments below, but only if you do in narrative form. And be sure to check out this related announcement by Google:

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