Install The Release Build Of iOS 5 Right Now [News]

iOS 5   Install The Release Build Of iOS 5 Right Now [News]If you are impatient and just can’t wait until Apple pushes iOS 5 out to the world on October 12th you can get the final release build now! Apple has put the final build out to developers, and because it is final you do not actually need to be a developer to install it on your phone.

All you need is the latest beta build of iTunes and the latest build of iOS 5. This is a stable release, and is the same one that everyone will be downloading in a few days, so it should not hurt your device in any way (at least no more than it would on October 12th).

Installing iOS 5 is easy. Simply download the correct build for your device from the bottom of this post. Make sure to save the file somewhere you can find it later. Lastly, perform a backup of your phone because it will be wiped clean after.

Open iTunes and Option click (Mac) or Shift click (PC) on the “restore” button. This will allow you to restore from a firmware of your choosing. Choose the iOS 5 build you downloaded and let the phone run though the process just like a normal restore.

ios notification   Install The Release Build Of iOS 5 Right Now [News]

After your phone reboots you will have the latest build of iOS 5 on your device. As I said before, this is an official build, so it is safe to install.

Download iOS 5 GM for iPhone 4 (GSM)
Download iOS 5 GM for iPhone 4 (CDMA)
Download iOS 5 GM for iPhone 3GS
Download iOS 5 GM for iPad 2 (Wi-Fi)
Download iOS 5 GM for iPad Wi-Fi + 3G (GSM)
Download iOS 5 GM for iPad Wi-Fi + 3G (CDMA)
Download iOS 5 GM for iPad 1
Download iOS 5 GM for iPod touch 4G
Download iOS 5 GM for iPod touch 3G

Download iTunes 10 Beta 7

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ThIs might be a silly question, but the gsm download for iPhone 4 is a DMG file. Aren’t these for Mac’s only?


Not at all dmg is a tipe of cd image you can open it with ultra iso or a program like that one!

Shane Harris

Thanks mate, ill give it a go.

[EDIT] Just realized i signed in with a different account lol.




sorry but it just isn’t working. i tried cmd-click on restore, but it did a regular restore, no iOs 5


nevermind. it worked with alt-click


how do you do this properly?…whats alt-click?.
got ipad connected now, ready to back up but cant see file that was downloaded in itunes.


Plug In ur Device to the computer, open itunes, click on the bar to the left of the itunes screen where it says ipad at
Then it should say the name of ur ipad, how much space u have on it , “click here to update”, and so on.
There’s also a button that says “restore” THAT IS THE BUTTON U SHIFT+CLICK ( alt + click if its mac) and choose ur file u downloaded

(btw the ios 5.0 file needs to be opened with a program like FYZip or something if ur on a PC)


Im Sry, on a mac Its Command+Click (Not alt+click)


I tried and it says An unknown Error occurred (21) :/ help?


Me to. Any one know how to fix it?


I had the same problem. You have to download the latest beta of iTunes, then it should work flawlessly

Dave LeClair

Make sure to download that version of itunes and you should have no problem!


 disable your antivirus and firewall programs and try again. Hope this helps!


ok i dowloaded the file did the shift restore thing, it opens up the folder where the file is but i cant  see it. why? because it s has to be an ipsw file which this is not, so much for being easy


all u have to do outside of itunes is download the file, and then open the file with a program like winzip or FYZip, and find the ipsw file inside.


I’ve downloaded the 3GS image and it seems to be missing the ipsw file – it has 4 files, .ddm, .hfs, .free and a .Apple_partition_map


extract the .hfs file

Maurizio Vescovi

same happens here :(

Dave LeClair

extract the .hfs file with a file extraction program and the ipsw will be in there.


transmac also works great


It returned an error message after extracting the software. Any help pls.

Dave LeClair

make sure to download the latest beta release of iTunes here


No go using MAC command + click of restore. Option + click of restore allowed me to select the IPSW download manually, but get error code 21. 


I get the error code #21 too and now my phone won’t restore at all. What the hell?!


Hold home and power at same time with phone plugged into USB should give you option to restore

Dave LeClair

Make sure to download the latest beta release of itunes


For the ones getting error messages… Did you update your Itunes to the newest version first? Also Command click did not open firmware choices for me, but Option click did work.


newest version of itunes is 10.4.1? if not can you share one.


Do we need the developer’s 10.5 version of iTunes in order to install these IPSW files? I have 10.4.1, am installing manually, and still get the same error code 21. ¬†Frustrated and very disappointed. Have not seen a single successful post yet regarding this subject.

Dave LeClair

Yes, you need the beta, there is a link at the bottom of the post, and here


To answer your questions guys:

Yes, you need to install the iTunes 10.5 Beta 7 (Win) respectively 10.5 Beta 9 (Mac) to upgrade to iOS5.

On a Mac it is option-click (alt-click) to manually select an IPSW file

On Windows you can use either one of the tools previously mentioned or maybe you already have 7zip installed which can open DMG files. The IPSW file will be located within the .hfs archive in the DMG

Although the GM build is not locked down to registered unique identifier (UDID) it is still a developer build.

With both of them not being final releases it may cause problems after or during upgrading or not.


Link to update ITunes to beta 7 is at the bottom of the list on original post.


Am downloading beta 9 from a developer mirror. Will try again. Has anyone been successful yet?


I just finished and so far mine has updated to 5.0 successfully.


Mine too! Looks like all is well. I guess I should have read the original post more slowly, cause all the info was there. Now I’m off to explore new features.


it doesnt work… very bad instructions with the compressed dmg file.. i downloaded the FYZip program and extracted once the dmg and then again the hfs to get to the ipsw file but then when i try to do the shift restore on the new itunes 10.5 beta it tells me “the firmware file is not compatible” yes i downloaded the correct firmware version from the download links…


hmmm, mine worked fine once i updated itunes, did u copy the ipsw file out of the dmg, like to ur desktop? im not sure if tht’ll help or wat but it worked for me


This usually means that you either downloaded the wrong IPSW or it is damaged.

– make sure you downloaded the right IPSW
– try a different program to unpack the firmware
– re-downloaded the IPSW

Also make sure you shift click the Restore button, not the update button


there is no ipsw file to download

Dave LeClair

You need to extract it with a program like winzip or any file extraction program.

Antriksh Yadav

Worried about one thing. When the final comes out to the public, will iTunes tell me that I need to update whenever I plug my iPad in? That will be annoying. Also, is it possible that we will just get a delta update on Oct 12?

Dave LeClair

As far as I know, itunes should not alert you in any way as this is the final build.


Anybody here can say ios5 is running successfully on their phone?


Mine is updated and working just fine. Did have to download beta version of iTunes before being able to install iOS 5.0 IPSW.


OK that’s it.I’ll be patient. I’m waiting a couple days lol


i downloaded the  file and tried opening it with winzip, all i get is a error message saying not a compatible file, this is not easy like was implied


not gonna work with winzip use another decompresser


ok i used that other program and i finally got the file, this is one of the laziest articles ever on this site, nothing mentioned all the steps that are needed.


Wat about iPad 2 3G

David Edgar

says that phone will be wiped after resoring the new ipsw file. So all apps, data in those apps etc. will be lost? Anyway, to get them back after doing this?


do a back up…. clearly says so up above…

Dave LeClair

If you make sure to backup your device you will be able to get it back.


after finally getting ios 5 on my ipod it no longer will sync podcasts, it says they are syncing but when i check my ipod there is nothing there, what the hell!!!!!!!!

Scott F Barber

Using Mac but should be same for PC I think you need to put the phone in recovery mode like if you were jailbreaking it. I downloaded the .dmg for GSM unpacked (unzip PC) and the nice little lego 2×2 with iphone 1,3_5.0_9A334_Restore.ipsw pops out. you go to restore button in itunes and alt click (who knows what it is for PC :) and select restore from this lego. then the¬†error¬†21 comes up. something is wrong with the download, I think the writer of this¬†original¬†post need to try it before they post it… any help for you loyal readers would be much¬†appreciated. thanks

Steffan Andrews

This was confusing initially.

To clarify, these are all iPad 2 firmwares:
– iOS 5 GM for iPad Wi-Fi + 3G (GSM)
– iOS 5 GM for iPad Wi-Fi + 3G (CDMA)
The only firmware for the original iPad is the “iPad 1″ firmware.


Not working here either, even with latest iTunes Beta… I’m on OSX Lion also. I keep the sim out of my iPhone 4 I wonder if this prevents updating?

Dave LeClair

For anyone who is having trouble on Mac, try option click instead of command click to restore from a custom firmware, and try this for step by instructions, 


error 21 no install i have to restore version 4.3.5

Dave LeClair

You need the iTunes beta


i tunes 10. 7 link is  dead


google it and find another one


This is to hopefully help those on Mac that are having problems. Sorry PC guys, I recently converted earlier this year and am now completely PC free. Perhaps a PC user will provide a similar guide.

I’m on a Mac running Lion. I searched on the web and downloaded itunes_10.5_beta_9 and also downloaded all iOS5 software for my devices from the post above.¬†

So here are your Mac steps for iOS5 if you want to be early. Otherwise wait till the scheduled release next week and all will be automated and painless:
1. Update iTunes to 10.5 

2. Select and download each iOS5 .dmg for your devices. 

3. Extract the iOS5 .dmg files. (Select the .dmg from your downloads. It will mount to your desktop, and extract. Move the ipsw that extracts to the document folder.

4.Plug your iOS device into the USB and allow back up to fully complete.

5. Hold “option” key down while selecting the restore tab in iTunes.

6. Navigate to the correct ipsw file for your device and select.

7. When complete you will have the option to load the back up profile for your device.

8. Once completed you will see “Ok to disconnect device” in iTunes

9.There will be a few on screen setups to complete on your iOS5 device, but then you are done.

Like the post if it helps you!

Nisanth P

Worked like a charm….no probs in Iphone4. Now my iphone4 runs in iOS 5.0 ¬†


What about iPhone 3G?


Sorry, 3G was cut off at this update. You have now reached the end of the road for updates.


done on my iphone 4. Works perfectly!!!

RobbyRob Musik

JUST so everyone on here knows the reasons you are getting errors is because you have to be on iTunes 10.5.7 beta or higher to install this.


I keep getting error code 3194? I updated to the most recent iTunes, and downloaded the iPhone 3GS one.


This does not work not only did i have to extract *.dmg file then the *.hfs file to get the ipsw file but the restore says I’m not eligible :( not good……¬†


it didnt work for me:( i downloaded that unpacking file program or watever and that didnt help. omg i restored my phone and it didnt work so now my phone is all screwed up:( please help omg i dont want all the memory to go away on my phone for nothing



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