How To Install Mountain Lion On A PC [Hackintosh]

featured mountain lion   How To Install Mountain Lion On A PC [Hackintosh]Are you not looking forward to Windows 8? Perhaps you’re jaded by Microsoft’s decision to kill of Windows Home Server? Are you maybe tired of Windows Media Center being treated like a second class citizen? Have you got some extra PCs lying around and wish they were as awesome as your Mac? Welcome to the world of Hackintosh. Now let’s turn your PCs into Macs – Mountain Lion roaring Macs, no less.

It’s so tragic that I have to say this, but if you’re here to troll and tell the world how terrible Macs are, kindly go away now. Users doing so will have their accounts deleted or their IP banned.

You Will Need:

  • A Mac, with a purchased copy of Mountain Lion already running – I won’t be showing you how to pirate OSX.
  • A fairly recent PC with a compatible motherboard.
  • An 8GB USB thumbdrive.

Figure Out Your Hardware

The method we’ll be using to ensure your Hackintosh has the appropriate drivers is called User DSDTs. This is a collection of pre-configured settings files that tells the post-installation exactly what your system needs to make everything work as it should.

To figure out which is appropriate to you, you’ll need to know the exact make and model of your motherboard. Go to TonyMacX86 and create a new user account – it’s free.

tonymacx86   How To Install Mountain Lion On A PC [Hackintosh]

Once logged in, choose Resources -> DSDT from the menu and select your motherboard brand and model from the drop down box. In some cases, a certain revision or BIOS version is needed – often indicated by an F number. If you’re not sure, it’s worth checking out your manufacturers site for an updated BIOS first.

choose dsdt   How To Install Mountain Lion On A PC [Hackintosh]

Note that this is only going to work for brand name motherboards. If you bought a complete system, you may have a custom motherboard that isn’t compatible. Sorry about that. Build a new PC, or consider upgrading your motherboard to something that is compatible. My first ever Hackintosh used a 2 year old Asus motherboard I bought off eBay for less than $50.

Getting Started

Even if your Mac is running Mountain Lion already, the installation file is no longer present on your system. Head in the App Store, purchases, and click download. This will place the installation file back into your Applications folder. You can delete it after completing this tutorial, but if you’re planning on installing a few Hackintoshes it may be best to keep it around, just in case. It’s only 4GB.

download mountain lion   How To Install Mountain Lion On A PC [Hackintosh]

Prepare your 8GB USB drive by formatting it with one partition as Mac OS Extended, Journaled; and also select Master Boot Record from the Options. This will ensure it’s bootable on a PC.

Next, head back to TonyMacX86 and go to the Resources -> Downloads section. Grab Unibeast for Mountain Lion. If your Gatekeeper settings are still the default, Mountain Lion won’t actually let you open the app. To solve this, right click on the file and select open. Bypass the warning.

download unibeast   How To Install Mountain Lion On A PC [Hackintosh]

If you get an error about not having the installation application for Mountain Lion, it’s because you didn’t go into the app store and download it again. Do that. I’m going to assume we’re installing on a recent desktop, so when it comes to the installation options, just leave them all off. If you’re attempting to install on a laptop – well, good luck for a start – but also make sure you enable laptop support, obviously.

On the PC side, open the BIOS and ensure the drive controllers are set to AHCI mode (not IDE/SATA) – this is essential. Now boot from your Unibeast USB. You may need to adjust your boot order so that it doesn’t skip the USB and go straight to the hard disk. On a gigabyte motherboard, you can hit F12 to choose the boot device.

Quick tip: this may not be the same for you, but my USB drive was listed under HARD DRIVES, not USB-FLOPPY, USB-HDD or USB-CDROM. So you may need to adjust the hard drive boot order, and not the actual boot device.

ubs booting   How To Install Mountain Lion On A PC [Hackintosh]

You should see a screen similar to the following – I already have a working Lion installation, which is why two OSX icons are shown. Select the icon that shows the name of the USB drive, and hit enter.

unibeast   How To Install Mountain Lion On A PC [Hackintosh]

Fairly soon, you should be in the standard Mountain Lion installation. If not, you may have to use some boot parameters:

  • Asus Motherboard + NVIDIA Graphics – type PCIRootUID=0
  • Unsupported graphics or NVIDIA 6xx Series – type GraphicsEnabler=No
  • Boot in Single-user mode – type -s
  • Boot in Verbose mode – type -v
  • Boot in Safe mode – type -x

Use Utilities -> Disk Utility to prepare a suitable partition to install OSX on. Ensure it’s set with GUID boot parameters, and formatted as Mac OS Extended, Journaled. The full install should take about 30 minutes.

Booting & Customizing

We’re not done just yet. In order to boot into your new Mountain Lion installation, you’ll need to use the Unibeast USB boot again – this time selecting the hard drive you installed too.

Once into a working system, place your user DSDT file onto the desktop, and run Multibeast, the post installation utility. Download it directly on your new Mac if the network is working already, or copy it from another machine. Run the app, and choose the UserDSDT option. In addition, you may need to install extra drivers – this is something you’ll need to research for yourself (chances are that someone out there has already done it with your hardware). Install with just the UserDSDT file first, then figure out if something – usually sound or network – isn’t working.

multibeast   How To Install Mountain Lion On A PC [Hackintosh]

If not, the TonyMacX86 support forums are a wealth of information. If something worked for OSX Lion, there’s a good chance it’ll work for Mountain Lion too. Just Googling the motherboard model + multibeast will likely turn up some solutions, though you may find some specific hardware functions simply aren’t supported by your board.

However, bear in mind that it’s still early days for Mountain Lion hackintoshes, so there will be some kinks to work out with the drivers and installers. If you want an easier time, consider installing Lion instead.

Many thanks to the TonyMacX86 site, Unibeast and Multibeast utilities, I’m now the proud owner of 2 more Mountain Lion machines! How about you? Will you be trying out a Hackintosh this summer?

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MerVzter Balacuit

my motherboard is not supported :(

Tom Fosson

Good article. Wonder if it would work using a USB as the hard disk for the installation – sort of like the various versions of Linux Live CDs?


It’s too bad there is little information on how to make a Hackintosh using an AMD system. It would be a much more inexpensive option over an Intel system I feel.


sorry to break it to you, but last time i checked amd has zero compatiblity with os x. I could be wrong.

Achraf Almouloudi

First I’m not sure AMD processors are supported on OS X as Apple is an Intel partner so there might be some limits, second OS X require considerably more resources so even if it works you’d have to buy one of the most expensive AMD processors to get it as smooth as you’d expect, so Intel is maybe the best choice as you won’t have to purchase Core i5 or Core i7 just for such simple hacking .


Right now you can get the best amd cpu on the market for the same price as an intel quad core 3.6ghz (sorry i dont know the intel numbers im an amd guy). basicly its double the cpu per $

Achraf Almouloudi

Hi, there is which offers quite a considerable solution to use OS X there. After all the best choice is to either use Intel or buy a ready Mac computer but that’s not what the post readers are supposed to do .

James Bruce

Yeh; it’s just a bad idea. Last I knew there were hacks to do it, but the methods outlined here don’t do that. As far as I know, there isn’t that much of a price difference nowadays, but I could be wrong.

Gideon Pioneer

I’m not a programmer but why would AMD be different? They’re both x86_64 processors so it’s not like it is a different architecture (ARM, PPC).

Gideon Pioneer

Oh, I believe the distinction comes from of course that AMD CPUs use different motherboard chipsets, which is of course a different game. ‘doh!


AMD is supported by OS X.

I’m using a Gigabyte Motherboard: GA-M57SLI-S4 (If you was to Google that you’d see its just about no one with Hackintosh using that motherboard so I was alone with figuring out things but it was fairly easy GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND)
AMD Processor: AMD Athlon x2 64 (or something like that I forget)
Ram: 1GB x4 DDR2 SDRAM (4g ram total)
HardDrive: Seagate Barracuda ‘ST3250410AS’ 250GB
. . . and so on. I’m currently running OS X SNOW LEOPARD (10.6.7) running flawlessly boots from hard drive, sound, and network works, usb ports, using a wireless usb Mouse.

Just in case you thinking about installing OS X advice would be to use “ModCD for your boot cd, 8+ GB flash drive for OS X installer, RETAIL!! OS X iso/dmg for the installer source, Virtual Box/Mac/Hackintosh to install the iso/dmg to the Usb, if using an AMD processor you’ll need Legacy Kernel. . .”


Kinda figured it all boils down to the kernel, since at the software layer it may look like all x86_64 looks the same but different chipsets have a different architecture thus the way instructions are scheduled and executed may be very different.

Yang Yang Li

Are you not looking forward to Windows 8? Was, not anymore.
Perhaps you’re jaded by Microsoft’s decision to kill of Windows Home Server? Not initially, until I found the reason behind killing Home Server. (Xbox 720)
Are you maybe tired of Windows Media Center being treated like a second class citizen? Yessssss!
Have you got some extra PCs lying around and wish they were as awesome as your Mac?
First, I do not have a Mac. Second, hell no!

James Bruce

Remember in the second paragraph where I said don’t comment just to say you don’t like Macs, ands threatened to ban you? Yeh, that.

Yang Yang Li

Nowhere in my comment did I “troll and tell the world how terrible Macs are”. I was just expressing my opinion which is what comment sections are for. Comments never persuade anyone of anything. They just get both parties more fired up over the arguement. I am not stupid enough to waste my time on defending Windows or bash Macs.


does your documents get deleted?

James Bruce

Yes, a different file system is needed. You’l need to backup everything first.

Suman Acharya

Windows is free in Nepal, we can buy it for less than a $!!
cracked versions available for almost all high-price softwares. I tried to buy original version once and couldn’t find it after asking a dozen so-called IT shops. no credit card to buy online and not a fast internet connection to download directly.
so its mandatory for user like me to use Windows!!!!

James Bruce

Of what relevance is this to a Hackintosh article?

Suman Acharya

can’t hate Windows to build a Hackintosh.

Ashwin Rao

Why can’t you use Linux varient such as Ubuntu? It is smother and amazing than Windows. No need to purchase, It is free, No Antivirus needed, comes with necessary software and fully customizable.

Suman Acharya

it is dual-booted with my windows.


Their is not support for AMD based motherboards.

Chris Hoffman

Last I checked (a few years ago) this was against Apple’s license agreement — did they revise that?

James Bruce

Nope, still totally against TOS. It’s not illegal though, in a criminal sense.

It’s grey though, really; as far I’m concerned, it’s ok if you’re using a legally purchased copy, which I am. Ultimately, Apple doesn’t make money on their OS – so more I can bring to the Apple fold, the more devices get sold, the more apps get sold, the better the world will be without windows!


No, they develop and sell the os at a loss and make all their money on selling the computer hardware. Not judging, but you can see how losing hardware sales is not a net win for Apple.


They don’t make all their money on computer hardware, not by far. 70% of their revenue comes from iOS devices; it stands to reason that by using OSX, you’re more likely to then buy into the apple “ecosystem” with an ipad, or iphone. A significant percentage also comes from both App Stores, and iTunes.

ferdinan Sitohang

Thank you for the post

David Dew

Thanks for the article. This looks like a very good option to Windows 8.

One question though, how stable will the resulting OSX machine be? Will it crash at the slighest whim or will if withstand a virtual earthquake? ;P

VS Vishnu



Don’t make comments like this, or we’ll delete your account.

Rajaa Chowdhury

As a novice, I find following the iAtKos way simpler. Once did turn my 2 year old HP Pavilion to a Lion Hackintosh. I also did upload a video of the same in Youtube ages ago.

David Dew

Hey great article. This looks like a fairly good alternative to Windows 8 even though I’ll be sticking to Windows 7 for a long while. One question though, how stable will the resulting Hackintosh be? Will it crash on the slightest whim?

James Bruce

good question, though difficult to say. It depends on the hardware, and the drivers you had to install I suspect. For what it’s worth, mine hasn’t crashed yet and stays on 24/7.

Christopher Harlan

Definitely going to Hackintosh my Desktop if everything works!!! Then it will have Windows 7, Luninux, and Mac OSX Mountain Lion!

Lm Kusanagi

i wish if i cud put n hakintosh to my AMD pc but it wont work on it

Mudit Warrior

Can’t it work on dual boot?? I mean just like installing Ubuntu with wubi…

Rajaa Chowdhury

Yes, it can, just watch the video I have posted in Youtube. The link is already posted in the comments thread.


it can be delete all of my files? please answer…

Nilanjan Sen

Wow !! This looks cool !! I’ve got to try this on my old PC, thankfully I saved an installer copy of Mountain Lion on my Mac before I installed :-)

David Hamblin

I have a 3 year old Gateway with an I2 processor. Do you reccomend upgrading or updating my processor before installing OSX?


Hi David. There’s actually no i2 CPU in consumer devices, so I suspect you either mean i3 or Core 2 Duo. The main issue with compatibility is actually the motherboard – if you have a gateway machine, i doubt it’s a brand name and supported motherboard, so it’s unlikely to work. Do you know the exact model and make of motherboard (not the whole computer, just the motherboard component)?


Hi I know that you said you won’t show us how to pirate it but will this version of os x work?
it says its in .iso format and has been changed from .dmg to .crd then .iso? I’m kinda confused


My ISP blocks piratebay so I cant check I’m afraid – but if it’s uploaded by a reliable source (check for the green or purple skull and corssbones), then yes, that should work.



I don’t have MAC but I can manage an OSX mountain lion fresh copy[downloaded from app store]. How can I be able to install on my windows PC.


Muo TechGuy

Did you read the article Rashidul? That’s kind of the entire topic. I’m afraid I can’t email you personally to give instructions.

Muo TechGuy

If it’s not listed then it’s not supported, sorry.

Muo TechGuy

you could try one of the hacked distros, but i forget the name of them… iAtkos?


Hi James,

Thanks for the article!

I am a complete n00b, but I’d really love to pull this off.

I have an Asus G75VW (Intel i7 6310 CPU, 16GB ram, GeForce 660m 2GB, 256GB Crucual M4 SSD, 750GB Seagate HDD) notebook – how do I determine whether my laptop is compatible?

Also, would you be able to run in 64bit?

Last question: Would I be able to run apps like Final Cut Pro without issues?



Thank you for the swift response! I will check out the thread you provided.




i am able to create bootable usb. when i boot it my pc it got struck at

PCI Configuration Begin configuation changed (bridges =2 devices =12)

my pc config is :
intel core i5 – 3570k – ivy Bridge
intel desktop board DH77EB
8 gb ram
NVIDIA GTX 640 2g Card.


Muo TechGuy

Your motherboard is not supported.

Patrick Maris

I am curious if you can do all of this without a bootable usb and w/o a mac. Planning on dual-booting 7 and osxML on an Alienwaree..


thanks for the response. that is helpful!

Boni Oloff

I really want to install my very own mac computer. But i never had a chance to do that. Because i dont have a good enough computer to do that.


Hi Can I get Mac OS X by downloading it ( don’t want to by a version )

Muo TechGuy

Did you just ask me to help you pirate a copy? Uh, no, I can’t help you. Sorry.

Jordan Kinberg

Was wondering if for support and learning the mac OS if it was possible to order a Mac OS and actually install it from the disk on a non mac built PC. Or if there was a way to do a Virtual PC Mac OSX set up, since I am constantly running into needing to understand the Mac OSX as a support on site/off site tech even in Small Businesses? Don’t really want to buy a used mac to accomplish this when I have many many unused boxes sitting around waiting for linux and other fun operating systems. Thanks.