Install Android Ice Cream Sandwich On The HTC HD2 In Minutes

muo htchd2 ics intro2   Install Android Ice Cream Sandwich On The HTC HD2 In MinutesLast week I was challenged to install Android Ice Cream Sandwich on the HTC HD2 in as little time as possible. The reason? It was my client’s lunch hour; she was sick of Windows Mobile and she wanted to play Angry Birds. The request came as no surprise; the setup and installation time for Android on the HP TouchPad is easily inside 30 minutes (probably within 10 for the actual installation) so I happily accepted the challenge.

For those of you who don’t know, the HTC HD2 is something of a superphone. While strictly “last gen” in terms of hardware (single core, albeit 1 GHz) the device is capable of running a bafflingly large array of operating systems from its native Windows Mobile 6.5 to Android, taking in Windows Phone 7, Ubuntu and MeeGo along the way (as well as a few older versions of Windows…).

While you won’t get top-end performance out of this device (first released in 2009) you will certainly get a good experience of Android 4.0 from it. What’s more, installation is fast!

Getting Started: Preparation

Before starting: flashing a new ROM to your HTC Leo/HTC HD2 will result in the warranty being voided; there is also a chance that the ROM will fail and the phone will be bricked. As a result, follow all steps carefully, but be aware that we cannot take any responsibility for any damage that occurs to you or your device. Additionally, the steps shown are for the standard 512MB version.

In order to perform this installation and get your HTC HD2 installed with the latest version of Android, you’ll first need to take steps to backup your data using any available means. We’re approaching this task as if you’re running Windows Mobile 6.5 on the device (although if you’re already using Android on your HTC HD2 this approach can also be used), so take advantage of your USB cable to copy data to your PC or download a tool from sites such as FreewarePocketPC that will archive your contacts and save them to your memory card.

Once this is done, make sure your phone is fully charged, the USB cable works, you have a microSD card ready to use and you have downloaded the following files.

These files should be saved to the same folder and the first two unzipped into their own individual folders. Don’t unzip the ROM download.

The next step is to restart your phone, which is best done by removing the battery, counting to three and then replacing it. Power up, holding the volume down button; a new screen three-coloured “tricolor” screen should appear on your phone. If your phone is connected to your computer already, the legend “USB” will appear at the foot of the screen; if not, it should read “Serial”, so connect your USB cable.

You’re now ready to proceed.

Configuring Your Device For Installing Android

In order to prepare your device fully, you will need to update the SPL version on your phone.

muo htchd2 ics4   Install Android Ice Cream Sandwich On The HTC HD2 In Minutes

This can be checked via the tricolor screen which should currently be displayed on your device. The second line should display the current SPL version – you need this to be: SPL-2.08.

If it isn’t, don’t worry as this can be changed. After unzipping the files above you should have a folder called HSPL4; open this and run HSPL4.exe, following the instructions. You should select SPL 2.08.0000 from the various options that are displayed, continuing to follow the on-screen instructions. Eventually the display on your HTC HD2 will change from a progress bar to the words “We cracked it!”

With this done, you can proceed to the next stage.

Installing MAGLDR

In order to install Android on your old Windows Mobile 6.5 device, you will need to install the MAGLDR software to facilitate this.

muo htchd2 ics6   Install Android Ice Cream Sandwich On The HTC HD2 In Minutes

Note that you cannot access Windows Mobile after installing MAGLDR. To reinstall the original Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system for your device, head to the HTC website and download the latest version of the ROM, listed under the support pages for your phone. Once downloaded, connect your phone to your PC via USB, restart the phone so that it is in the tricolor screen (as explained above) and run the downloaded ROM on your computer, following all on-screen instructions.

To install MAGLDR, restart your phone again into the tricolor screen, ensure the USB connection is established and open the unzipped DFT_LEO_MAGLDR113_DAF folder. Within, you should find MAGLDR113_DAF – open this too, and you will find ROMUpdateUtility.exe. Run this in administrator mode (right click > Run as Administrator) and follow the displayed instructions to install it on your phone.

Once again, a progress bar will appear on your phone, with a message displayed upon completion.

Make It Run Like Clockwork

Next, restart your phone, holding the power button down until a new screen appears. This is the MAGLDR Bootloader, where you can select various options and settings for installing different operating systems onto the phone.

In this case, we’re installing a NAND version of Android to your phone; this means that the operating system will be flashed to and boot from the system memory (there is an alternative method which we don’t use here, enabling boot from your microSD card).

In MAGLDR use the volume up/down buttons to select 4. USB Flasher, pressing the call button (bottom left) to proceed to the next screen.  With your phone connected to your PC via USB once more, open the CWM folder, within which you should find Recovery_v1.3_250M. Run DAF.exe as administrator. Follow the on-screen prompts to completion, and the device should restart.

Time to Eat Ice Cream Sandwich!

You’re now ready to install Ice Cream Sandwich on your HTC HD2. Begin by copying the downloaded ROM to your microSD card via a card reader, and then insert the card into your phone.

muo htchd2 ics1   Install Android Ice Cream Sandwich On The HTC HD2 In Minutes

Next, restart your phone and hold down the power button to run MAGLDR. Select option 8. AD Recovery and use the volume buttons once again to select the Update from SD Card option, pressing call to confirm. Proceed to the subsequent menu, select the ZIP file from your microSD card and begin installation.

Once complete, you will be able to restart your phone, booting into the new operating system – Ice Cream Sandwich!

Do You Want Sprinkles With That?

You’ve probably seen Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in operation on newer phones and tablets – this is your opportunity to have a taste.

muo htchd2 ics2   Install Android Ice Cream Sandwich On The HTC HD2 In Minutes

As long as your preparation for this task was complete, you should have been able to install Ice Cream Sandwich on your HTC HD2 within 30 minutes.

Of course, if you’re new to ROM flashing, you shouldn’t worry about the timescale – this can be quite a steep learning curve for some. It is more important to carry out the steps to completion in the correct order than it is to beat any timing records.

One last point to note – due to design issues, some HTC HD2 devices have an overheating issue which tends to strike when using Android. This usually manifests as a sudden reboot. Should this happen, follow the steps above to return your device to Windows Mobile.

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Dark Vip3r

Nice article, but reading it I couldn’t help but ask myself – Can one use a similar technique to install android on samsung wave y (which has bada os on it btw)? in which case, how exactly would it be possible?
Thank you in advance


The HTC HD2 is the Best..It will always be my favorite phone :)


The HTC HD2 is the Best.. It will always be my favorite phone :)

Eduardo Carrillo

i would install this on my phone but it got wet

baryali Karimzai

yeah how can get it


Thanks for this guide works well. I had to use ‘HSPL 2.08′ not ‘SPL 2.08 0000′ for it to work though. Also I am not sure if this is only a problem with the European version of the phone, but I found it to have extremely low internal memory, using a custom partition size of 175MB instead of 250MB helped slightly. But now I am also considering using this method:
To expand the internal memory of the HTC HD2!

Thanks again!

Mark Vickers

Hi Alice,

Can you tell me where to get the HPSL – as opposed to the SPL? I seem to have the same problem as you: a European handset :(




You just select HSPL 2.08 after you run the HSPL4.exe program with your phone connected via USB as described whilst in “flashing mode,” I am not sure why this would not work. The only thing I could suggest is that you remove the battery, wait a while, replace it and proceed. Also maybe run the “HSPL4.exe” program as an administrator.


Thanks Alice,

I managed to leave my phone in a field yesterday – a friend is going to search for it this morning ‘cos my car has simultaneously broken down. But when (if?) I get it back, I’ll try your suggestion about the battery. It’s just so weird that the HPSL appears to install in a few seconds. It doesn’t get as far as deleting the data: when I restored the original ROM, my data was all still there.

If I don’t get anywhere by leaving the battery out, maybe I’ll gird my loins and try the scary method you reference at xda-developers . . .


Mark Vickers

Christian, I had to give up – every version of the HSPL I tried, despite warning me about the 10-minute thing, went from 0 to 100% in about three seconds – then the handset re-started, and stuck on the O2 splash screen forever.

Any happy suggestions for me?

Cheers, Mark

Hamid dehban

hi dude.
i’ve had the same problem, but when i solved it i just wanted to rock the world from happiness.
your problem is that your radio button is not updated.
u have to update it . and it has a pretty easy way to do this.
i hope my help wouldnt be so late ;)


same problem, how did you do this Radio Button Update then? Lets all rock the world with happiness together!

Hamid Dehban

Hey Velcro
Just search for newest radio button update for hd2 .
you’d probably find it in xda developers!
and I think its newest version is 2.15 if i’m not wrong.
Updating radio button is just too easy.
>Power off your phone..
>Power it on with volume down pressed to go to tricolor screen.
> connect USB.
>run radio update setup file
> run through wizard next and next.
>it’ll be updated.
>now rock the world ;)


Links no longer work – can anyone provide them?


Can I use these instructions to install ICS onto HTC Touch Pro 2 with WM 6.5?

Christian Cawley

The principle is the same, but you’ll need different steps


Thanks. Since I’m still new to Android, I would appreciate if anyone could give some more specific instructions, or provide another link that would show them. I managed to run Android 2.2 on Windows Mobile 6.5 (HTC Touch Pro 2) from SD card, but it has its issues. Still trying to play around. It’s slow and some things like bluetooth don’t work. That’s why I thought maybe a more updated version should fix those issues…

Christian Cawley

Probably the best thing to do is to head to Alternatively, you could head to and one of our readers might provide more detailed expertise.

The HD2 is an extremely powerful phone; it not only runs Windows Mobile and Android but also Windows Phone. As such I can’t really give you any detailed advice on your own situation, as I’m not familiar with the phone or the versions of ANdroid that are available.

Hope this points you in the right direction.


Ok, thank you so much for your time!

baryali Karimzai

how can install android with my mobile htc hd2


Is the a way to download the ROM on the SD card without the reader? Also will this work on an HD2 that is rooted with Android Froyo 2.2.1?

Che Mousa

The link of MAGLDR doesn’t work … I can’t open it … Could u please put another link for MAGLDR ..

Che Mousa

while I was do the steps … after opening DAF,exe and completed ,then nothing continue normaly …. The device showed message that I can’t install from NAND .. then I tried to install it manually from sd card … but failed … now , I don’t know what should I do ,I can’t go back and I can’t continue …. Please , help me


Dear Sir,
I read your article and got to know very useful information on andoid phones ,

I have got chinese android tab model WM8650 (wonder media)
unfortunately I tried to upgrade the tab to uberoid 12 from microSD and it is not at all booting, I have daubt that the system ROM is not responding because while upgrading it was failed to update the kernel

Please let me know is this called as brick ?
and can it be repaired or flashed? like other os we used to load like windows XP

how can I reinstall the android 2.2 kernel 2.3.62 ?

Please guide

Thanks and regards


Dude i have a problem. On login screen , when i power up the phone some squares are turning around some animation and there stops whole phone and i cant do anything … help ?

Christian Cawley

Best advice here would be to start again…


i cant it sends me constantly on login screen …. at least how to return it to windows phone software pls help :)

Christian Cawley

Instructions on restoring to Windows Mobile 6.5 are included above. If you haven’t spotted these, then you clearly haven’t followed the instructions carefully.


Very good tutorial, easy to follow the steps (i’m Dutch) and it worked perfectly for me!

many many many many many thx for that!!!!

rc salazar

can i use ice cream sandwich as an daily os for my htc hd2?.

Christian Cawley

Absolutely, it’s a fully working ROM!


Its a shame that several of your download links didn’t work, and that might have contributed to the problem; but I followed this all mulitple times perfectly but end up with the circle of squares boot animation that simply runs non-stop. I can restore it back to windows using your advice regarding the htc website, but I want to fix this to be android!
Is there any way to tell where it’s going wrong and a basic route to fix it? – I am new to this but yes, I have tried mulitple times, and double checked all software, with this technique today (6 hours spent on this phone reconfiguration).


I have a HTC HD2 with Android 2.3.7 and i want to install on it an Android version 4. What version do you recomend me? It is necesarry to install the program for Bios for Android if i aldready have Android?
And it is necessary to install MIUI on it after install Android? What is this?
Please help me because i don’t know so much about this phone.


Thank you for this! It works great, except that the memory is limited. I’ll try the fix posted earlier for that.

One problem I ran into is that there is a DAF.exe in the MAGLDR11_DAF folder that is different from the one in the Recovery_v11.3_250M folder. I used the wrong one at first and everything went wrong. I post this just as a warning to others.


Works like a champ but camera will not connect. Still looking for a solution.

Christian Cawley

Hi Perry – let us know if you find a solution, I haven’t come across camera issues with this.


it’s working fine so far, but i can’t download apps from google play. it just won’t begin the download while the rest of icecreamsandwhich is working fine

Christian Cawley

Hi Alex, are you experiencing any error messages?


no, not at all.
even at starting the app download it will just “go on” without any actual donwload like a loop without any error messages.

Manuel Parra

The link to download the ROM is down.

Can you please provide another link?

Christian Cawley

I’ll have it changed as soon as possible


Hello My friends

I’m Doing this works step by step,but my phone stop at magcdlr boot loader

How can do that?


Hey am not able to download the ICS ROM…Pls help n thanks in advance.


hey there,
thanks for the guide. it all works fine exept for one thing.
when i hit the power off it only shows me 3 profiles to activate and to go on flight mode but no power off ^_^


ROM is link is down pls. update. Thanks in advance

baryali Karimzai

how can download android
and how can install android


thanks for this web page..
i’m install this android.
but my WiFi is not working..
WiFi is on or off but that can not find my modem or other modem
please help me, please..

baryali karimzai

how can download


ive followed all steps and when i select AD recovery it shows in red lettering “no boot sources” ??????? please help


The best tutorial to install ice cream on the htc hd2. your are the best thank’s
less than on our with no stress of finding the good files. clear and effecient.


i followed the instructions up until i installed ROMUpdateUtility.exe. I restarted my fone, holding down the power button, but the phone doent boot into MAGLDR Bootloader. It just displays the white screen with the green htc logo.

can anyone please help? Thanks a bunch

Nigel Rees

Hi –

It was all going so well …. Got past step one then repeated failures – I noticed I have on tricolour screen the info is the same except for the last two lines which read:

MicroP(LED) 0x05
MicroP(Touch) 0x040

I have tried updating Radio but this fails. Any suggestions?



Just to say how clear and easy the instructions were to follow and implement the ROM on my HD2. The best instructions so far by a long way.


Christian Cawley

Greatly appreciated, Bakharla, thanks!


please help me my htc hd2 is responding with not a valid pocket pc every time i try to install hsp4 on my phone pls help me

Christian Cawley

You’ve misread the instructions. You don’t run hspl4 on your phone, you run it on your computer.


Do you have to have a PC to do this or should it work on Macs also? I cant seem to extract recognizable files for my mac.

Christian Cawley

I would recommend using Windows. This isn’t to say that you can’t use a virtual machine, however…


however? you were saying?

Christian Cawley

well, a Windows computer would be best. There are executables in there, for instance.


And I’m assuming the executables don’t work on Mac’s?


Will do, thanks a bunch.