Instagrille’s Instagram Desktop Client Gets Brand New Features [Updates]

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A short while ago, we told you about Instagrille – a great way to use Instagram on your desktop, no phone or browser required. If you’ve already tried Instagrille, or if you’re still considering it, you’d be happy to hear that the app has just received a complete revamp, and is now even better than before, with features you won’t even find on Instagram itself.

Instagrille is an Instagram desktop client for Windows (soon for Mac too) which lets you browse your Instagram feed, comment and like photos, follow new people and do anything else you can do with the mobile client – all on your computer. The new version includes a “Nearby” option, which lets you browse photos taken close to your current location. You can use this option even without signing in with your Instagram account.

Another new option on Instagrille is the ability to download photos to your computer. While viewing an Instagram photo, all you have to do is click “Download Image” to save it. This works with any Instagram image you find. If you prefer, Instagrille also has a new web interface where you can browse and share photos.

Download the new version of Instagrille here. Note that Instagrille runs on Pokki, an app platform which will be automatically  installed along with Instagrille. You can browse Pokki for more useful apps once its installed on your computer.

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Do you think Instagram on desktop is a good idea, or should it be left for mobile?

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Sandra Benedict

There is also a web app:

Yaara Lancet

Thanks! For more Instagram web apps you can check out this post, there are also some cool suggestions in the comments.



it’s a great idea to have it on desktop



how ca you take pictures on instagrille

Yaara Lancet

You can’t. You can only do that with your mobile device.

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