InstagramDownloader: Download All Images From Any Instagram User (Windows)

instagram downloader intro   InstagramDownloader: Download All Images From Any Instagram User (Windows)Unless you are a technophobe, you probably know by now that the world is Instagram-colored. If you have just landed from Mars, let me just tell you that Instagram is probably the most popular photo sharing application ever for iOS and Android devices.

It used to be only iOS, before Instagram decided that it would invite the legion of Android users to the party too. It spoiled the party for Apple fanboys, but it threw open the till now limited iPhoneographic world to a fresh flood of creative shutterbugs.

But this article is not about that debate. Nor is it about the puzzle of why Instagram is popular. This post is about how you can maximize your fun on Instagram. How about by downloading all images from any Instagram user?

InstagramDownloader – Grab Any Instagram Photo You Like

InstagramDownloader (v1.0) is a simple application. Simple in looks and simple in function. The simplicity is further bumped up by the fact that it is a portable freeware with a bulk of mere 665 KB. It does look like a weekend programming project, but let’s not deny its usefulness – especially if you are an Instagram devotee.

instagram downloader01   InstagramDownloader: Download All Images From Any Instagram User (Windows)

InstagramDownloader helps you download Instagram snaps by simply entering anyone’s username. Download the RAR file, and extract it into the folder. On the portable application’s interface, enter the username of the Instagram user whose photos you like. Click Download. This creates a text file, with long URLs for each image extracted for that particular user.

instagram downloader02   InstagramDownloader: Download All Images From Any Instagram User (Windows)

To grab the final image, you have to copy-paste the URL in your browser and save it to your desktop. InstagramDownloader is not an Instagram viewer; it is a mere simple downloader for Instagram, so you have to take this roundabout way to your favorite images.

Don’t forget to restart the app when you enter a fresh username, otherwise InstagramDownloader appends the old URLs to the new list all over again. The Help is in Arabic, but with the free app’s simplicity, you won’t need it.

So, How Do I Get The Username Of Any Instagram User?

There are several ways you can use to find popular users or users with Instagram photos worth downloading.

1. The simplest way is from your own circle of friends whom you are following or the ones following you. You can go to your Profile tab and search among your Facebook and Twitter friends using Instagram, and also those on your phone’s (or iPod Touch) Contact List.

instagram downloader05   InstagramDownloader: Download All Images From Any Instagram User (Windows)

As the above screen also shows, you can get images from users whom you had previously liked.

2. Instagram also suggests users to follow. I am not sure the algorithm it uses, but it could be based on interest or popularity.

3. You can search Instagram by Names and usernames. The ‘Names’ part could be hit and miss depending on how they have set up their profiles, or have made the profile information public. Then, if you have the username, you don’t need to tap into this Instagram search at all.

4. The best way to search is probably by typing in tags you can think of. Depending on your interest, you can try out a random search with tags.

instagram downloader06   InstagramDownloader: Download All Images From Any Instagram User (Windows)

Be assured that with more than 15 million users, you will get quite a few hits.

instagram downloader03   InstagramDownloader: Download All Images From Any Instagram User (Windows)

5. The other useful way to get to the best photos on Instagram is by hitting the Popular tab. For me, this has almost become a habit.

instagram downloader04   InstagramDownloader: Download All Images From Any Instagram User (Windows)

6. Instagram also has a notable users directory that’s also categorized. I have discovered quite a few gems here. For instance: nasagoddard and photojojo.

InstagramDownloader is a no-frills app. You can use it along with an online Instagram photo browser like Webstagram or Instagreat to collect the best Instagram photos you want. Try out InstagramDownloader. It is an Open Source software that runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Also tell us if you have another tool in mind that helps you download images from any Instagram user.

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Jessica Peters

This is related but a bit different. I use to upload my instagram pics to my dropbox everytime I upload them. It’s easy to use and automated.

Saikat Basu

That’s a nice tip Jessica. It’s worth a look. Plus, you can set it up to do other things too from there like share it on specific social networks or email it to someone.

Jessica Peters

Yes. Ifttt is pretty awesome. You can even have it upload Instagram pics to your blog too, if you’re into that kind of thing. Also, look into which is useful for viewing instagram pics on a computer rather than a phone. You have to set up your profile, but after that you can send nonsmart phone people links to view your photos. For example, see mine here:


There’s Web Instagram too (, another alternate viewer. But thanks for your tip Jessica.



You said Open Source, where can we get the source?


You can get it on the developer’s site ( There is a text section on the right which says (with links):

Source code for this project may be available as downloads or through one of the SCM repositories used by the project, as accessible from the project develop page.