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Government ID requests recently issued by the Facebook-owned Instagram led to frustration and confusion across the Internet last week. Users flocked to Yahoo Answers with questions, understandably concerned about a possible phishing attempt.

Yahoo Answers user Moi sparked the longest thread, claiming that the listed acceptable forms of ID included a driver’s license or a passport. Moi went on to state that other information would have been accepted such as a birth certificate or social security card paired with a work or school ID.

When users attempted to access the Instagram application, they were greeted with a message requesting “account validation”:

Your account has been secured and requires account validation. Please login to from your desktop computer to validate your identify.

Some users were concerned that the request was a scam or a phishing attempt. However, online publication CNET verified with a Facebook spokesperson that the photo-sharing site may request that users upload a photo ID for verification. Additionally, the site may remove accounts for violating its terms and conditions.

The Instagram photo ID requests came shortly after a revised policy released on Jan. 19. Facebook has offered no other solutions or remedial responses for users.


Have you been asked to verify your Instagram account? Did you think it was a phishing scam?

Source: Yahoo Answers via CNET

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