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Twitter and Instagram just cannot seem to get along. Suddenly users have found that their Instagram photos are no longer showing up on their Twitter timeline. Obviously, this has left users confused, as they had no idea if there was something wrong with their photos or there was some other reason why they had fallen off the map. It turns out, this was done on purpose by Instagram, as they disabled support for Twitter cards.

Instagram has decided to pull support for Twitter card integration, which makes it so Instagram photos are no longer visible on Twitter. Instagram, and by extension Facebook, want users to actually look at photos using Instagram’s app, instead of just using Instagram as a means of sharing photos on Twitter. The reasoning certainly makes sense, but it is still an annoyance for users who are used to sharing photos from Instagram directly to Twitter.

Users can still share links to Instagram photos on Twitter, which allows their Twitter followers to see their photos, but that is obviously not as streamlined as simply seeing the photos in the timeline. Still, if you enjoy sharing photos via Instagram, it’s certainly better than nothing.

Twitter has been rather quiet on this whole subject, and that is probably because of the rumors that it is working on its own Instagram competitor. Twitter will also be implementing filters directly to its mobile app, which would cut Instagram out of the equation altogether.

There are a couple of possible ways around it. With a Chrome extension called InstaTwit, you can see Instagram photos in your timeline, but it only works in Chrome, so you will still be left out on mobile. Another option is to forward your Instagram photos to Twitter using an IFTTT recipe.


Source: Cnet

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