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Instagram for Android is not even a week old Instagram For Android Is Available For Download From Google Play Store [Updates] Instagram For Android Is Available For Download From Google Play Store [Updates] Read More , and already there is a significant update for the app, Instagram 1.0.3. While not a lot has changed in terms of interface, there are several important behind-the-scenes updates which were implemented after some user feedback on the first version.

To start, Instagram for Android can now be installed on SD cards, which should make a lot of users happy. Tablet users can also rejoice, as the new version now officially supports tablets, and also Wi-Fi only devices. While it was possible to install the app on tablets before as well, they are now officially supported and the install process is straightforward.

Aside from these major updates, the new version also fixes several bugs, such as the audio mute bug during capture and other small bugs. One big issue it doesn’t fix, is the one with the HTC One X camera, which has been raised by many users since the app’s launch several days ago.

Since its launch, Instagram for Android has already passed a million downloads, and is still going strong. The app is almost identical to its iOS counterpart, and has brought lots of new users and potential followers to the Instagram community. What do you think of Instagram on Android?

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