Instagram Adds Support For Photo And Video Embeds [Updates]

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instagram web 300   Instagram Adds Support For Photo And Video Embeds [Updates]Instagram is making it easy for you to tell your stories – introducing Instagram photo and video embeds. Instagram did not previously have an embed option, unlike its rival, Vine. Photo and video embeds will increase the reach and also give us another option to share our photo and video stories. Vine and Instagram are trading punches in their rivalry to grab a larger slice of the social pie, and while Vine was first off the blocks with the embed option, Instagram has followed suit within four months.

The new embed option is only available for photos and videos marked as Public. So, that takes care of the privacy worries. The web embed button is available as a Share button on the right side of the photo or video page (just under the comments button) on Instagram’s desktop web browser. Clicking the Share button displays the embed code which you can then copy-paste to any other place on the web which supports embeds. Just like any other embed code, the photo and video will appear when you publish your post.

instagram embed   Instagram Adds Support For Photo And Video Embeds [Updates]

The embeds follow other rules of ownership as well. The embedded photo or video displays your Instagram username. If someone clicks on the Instagram logo on your photo or video, they will be redirected to your Instagram page. Just to reiterate, only public photos and video can be shared with embeds.

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Instagram allows for sharing of longer video clips (15 seconds) compared to Vine (6 seconds). With 130 million users and counting at its disposal, the embed option could give the social platform another way to increase engagement.

What do you think? Do you think this change will significantly impact the way we share our stories on the web?

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