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Are you addicted to Instagram? You can admit it; plenty of people are. Think of this as a judgement-free zone where you can enjoy your Instagram fun without the need to feel bad. In fact, I am even going to help add fuel to your Instagram addiction fire by introducing you to a really cool application that will take your Instagram experience and bring it to another level of awesomeness.

The app I am going to use to bring your addiction to the next level is called Instaframe+. It allows you to create awesome collages for Instagram with a lot of different layouts. Why share one photo at a time on Instagram when you can share a whole collage full of them? It’s simple to use, and it allows you to do some really cool things with your pictures.

Best of all, you can grab Instaframe+ from the App Store free for a limited time. If you can’t get enough Instagram, and you want to make even cooler photos than the app already allows, this is the perfect app for you.


The main purpose of this app is making cool collages of your photos for sharing on your social networks. While it might have “Insta” in the name, it can actually share the collages on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks as well, but we will get to more on that later. As far as the collages go, you start by clicking the “Layout” button on the bottom of the screen to choose one of the hundreds of layouts in the app. Once you find one you like, tap on each section to choose a photo to place in it.

Once you have all the photos in the collage, then it’s time to customize things a little more and make the collage your own. First, tap “Frame” on the bottom of the screen to select from one of the many frames for your picture. There are all kinds of designs to choose from, so you are sure to find one that suits your mood, and the mood of the pictures.

After you choose the frame, go to “Adjust.” In here, you can tweak whether the corners are rounded, how much margin is between each photo, what kind of drop shadow it has and how big it is, and even how big the border is. You can also use this section to adjust the outer margins on your picture.

The next step is to go to the ‘Text” section. If you want to add text in any style to your photo, this is where you will need to go. You can also add cool stickers to your photo from here. There are a lot of options for tweaking and adjusting the text, so you can definitely make it look the way you want for your photo.

The final step in creating your own awesome collage is adjusting the colors. You can change the color of the your frame, the border between each picture, and the drop shadow. For the border, you can choose from preset colors and patterns, or you can choose a custom photo from your camera roll to turn into a border.

The whole reason you went through this process is to share the photos with friends; right? Well to do that, you simply tap the “Share” button on the top right corner of the screen and the app will bring up the giant list of available places to post your new creation. Of course, Instagram is in the list, but you can also choose Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and more.


Whether you are an Instagram junkie or not, this app is a fantastic collage maker. It is incredibly easy to use, and it comes with so many options that anyone can make the perfect collage that suits the style of their photos perfectly. If you want a way to share beautiful collages with friends, this is the app for you.

Don’t forget, it’s only free for a limited time, so you will need to jump on it as soon as possible!

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