InstaComment: Free Instant Comment System For Your Website

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Adding a commenting feature to your website can end up costing you a considerable amount of time. This is mainly because you will need to code up the comments box according to your specifications.  Enter InstaComment, it is a web service that provides comment system for any website or web page

comment system for website

InstaComment is free and easily customizable. The comments on the site are expandable i.e. visitors can show / hide the comments with a single click.

After you create an account on InstaComment and sign in you can enter the Customize tab and adjust the color scheme according to your tastes. Then you must upload a provided file to your server, insert the provided HTML code for the comments box, and point code to where the file is on your server and tag each button. With all that set, you will be able to view comments on your site as well as manage them through your InstaComment account.

Using the comment box, visitors can create, quote, edit, or report comments; administrators can view, edit, delete comments, turn on / off guest reporting and ban certain usernames and IP addresses.

free comment system for website


  • A very useful web developer tool.
  • Provides free comment system for website.
  • Lets you select the color scheme for your comments box.
  • Generates HTML code for comments box.
  • Comments section is an user-friendly box.
  • Visitors can create, quote, edit, or report comments.
  • Administrators can manage comments through their InstaComment account.
  • Administrators can ban certain usernames and IP addresses.
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