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Sometimes, finding the right photo from the right time on Instagram isn’t the most enjoyable thing to do. Neither is finding a good photo challenge for you to complete. However, people with iOS devices can turn that frown upside down by using an app called InstaCC for these tasks and more.

challenge instagram

InstaCC is a simple interface for finding photos and checking out photo challenges. With the app, you can go to an Instagram user’s profile, and find the person’s photos in a very intuitive calendar view. By tapping on a day, you can see which photo(s) were uploaded on that specific date. You can also swipe left or right to scroll through different photos on the profile. There is also support for liking and commenting on photos that you find. InstaCC also presents you with possible photo challenge ideas and can even remind you to complete the day’s challenge so that you don’t have a day with a “blank cell” in the calendar view.


  • Easy to understand calendar view to find photos.
  • Like and comment on photos directly from the app.
  • Shows photo challenges and reminds you to post a picture for the day.

Check it out @ the Apple App Store

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