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Fast and fancy web based calculator that shows the answer as you type. And that’s not all, you can also use it to (1) generate equation charts, (2) to perform metric unit and currency conversions and (3) collaborate on calculations with others.

InstaCalc - Excellent Online Calculator


  • Calculate and view answers in real-time.
  • Use it as a standard calculator, unit converter (Weights, Measures, currency etc.), graph plotter and more.
  • Use readable numbers and equations (ex: 6b istead of 6,000,000,000)
  • Add notes to your calculations.
  • Share and collaborate on your calculations/conversions via custom link.
  • Readers are able to edit the numbers and comment back with a new note.
  • Easily generate charts and graphs. More details here.
  • Embed calculations onto your blog or website.
  • Browse public calcs that were created and shared by other users.
  • No registration or sign up required.

Check out InstaCalc @

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