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Smartphone-only apps like Instagram are cool, but they end up breaking the experience when we want to check our feeds through our desktop. Thankfully, Instagram has a bunch of desktop web interfaces. But if you want a quicker way to check your feed through your Chrome install, then check out Instabrowser.

This Chrome extension lets you access your Instagram account through the browser’s extension toolbar.

instagram feed browser

Instabrowser uses the Instagram API to display your feed, and the interface itself is pretty basic. You can view the most recent photos from friends, check out the most popular photos in Instagram, read comments, and view profiles – pretty much the core functionality you’d get from any Instagram feed.

Instabrowser is a nifty extension for anyone who just needs to check out the latest photos while on the desktop.


  • Chrome extension to check Instagram feed straight from browser.
  • Click icon to open feed, check profiles, and view most popular photos.
  • Saves you from opening your phone to check your feed.
  • Click social icons to share pics.
  • Similar Tools: Photopile and Instamazing

Check out Instabrowser for Chrome @

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