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Flight search engine that helps you find and purchase the most “convenient” flight tickets for your next trip. The cool part about the InsideTrip is that apart from focusing entirely on the cheapest flights it also helps you locate the flights with highest level of quality and comfort.


The results are ranked based on 3 factors such as comfort, speed and ease. These are further subdivided into things like security wait time, number of stops, legroom, connection time, aircraft type, gate location, baggage loss rate and so on.


When searching for flights you can specify which of those are important to you and let InsideTrip find the best flights for your needs. The results are ranked from the most to least convenient one (see this in the above screenshot).


  • Find the best flight for your needs.
  • Filter results further by depart/arrival time, connection waiting duration, airline and airport.
  • Criteria: Number of stops, Travel duration, On-time stats, Security wait time, Legroom, Aircraft type, Aircraft age, Historical load factor, Connect time, Routing quality, Lost bags rank and Gate location.

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