Inogolo: Find Out Correct Name Pronunciations

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Have you ever come across names you did not know how to pronounce? Take “Winningham” for instance; should you pronounce the “ham” separately or join it with the “g” and have “winnin-ghum”? Having a name spelled like that confuses a lot of people. Similarly there are many English names with confusing spellings that do not reveal their correct pronunciation. For all such names, Inogolo helps us out.

inogolo   Inogolo: Find Out Correct Name Pronunciations

Inogolo is a free website that takes any English word (names of people and places) and shows us what their correct pronunciation is. After we search for a name, a breakdown of its syllables is presented to us; this clarifies the pronunciation.

Inogolo’s library contains an impressive number of names; but if your searched name is not included, the name is added in the list of words to be added to the library.

inogolo1   Inogolo: Find Out Correct Name Pronunciations

This tool can be helpful particularly for people whose first language is something other than English. But as I indicated earlier, native English speakers will benefit from Inogolo as well.

inogolo2   Inogolo: Find Out Correct Name Pronunciations

Main features:

  • Reveals pronunciation of names of people and places (in English).
  • Presents the pronunciation breakdown as mini-words instead of phonetic symbols which makes them easier to recognize and pronounce.
  • Similar tools: TheNameEngine, HowToSayThatName and PronounceNames.

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