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Cool website for free live TV streaming over the internet. Here you can stream live TV and news channels without using satellite or TV tuner card. No need to register, download or install anything. All you need is a broadband internet connection. Go to, navigate to the channel of you choice and wait for it to load. By default the channel window is pretty small but if you want there is an option to switch to the full screen mode.

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Inner-Live is pretty comprehensive and lists most of the popular news and other channels, including Discovery, ESPN sports, ABC News, CNN, Sky News, NBA TV, MSNBC etc.

You can browse channels by country (about 40 countries), channel type (News, Music, Movies, Sport, Kids, Education / Science, Government, Arts, Lifestyle, Religious and so on), or both. One really handy features is the integrated chat window – it lets you see whether anyone else watching the same channel as you and chat with them.

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wow cool






Link doesn’t work.


Sarah Ringelberg

Having a problem.. I have a mac book pro and I continually get an error message….

“application/x-mplayer2”. Because you don’t have a plug-in installed for this MIME type

(well thats the main part anyway) I have downloaded flip4mac and perian….but neither of them helped the situation….I would really appreciate any help you can give. As we are desperately missing live news since ditching cable tv. Thanks!!


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