Inkulator: Get Handwritten Mathematical Expressions Detected & Computed On Windows 8 & RT

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Nearly everyone who owns a computer or a smart device has used the built-in calculator application at one point or another. While these applications are useful, using them for lengthy calculations can be quite troublesome. With various modern devices now having a touch screen or supporting touch-accessories, a calculator user’s ultimate wish would be to simply write down the equations and have them computed.

This is precisely what an application called Inkulator offers for Windows 8 and Windows RT users.


Inkulator is a free to use application for machines running either Windows 8 or Windows RT. The application basically detects numbers and signs of mathematical operations to compute them in its calculator. In other words, you can draw out mathematical functions and the application effectively recognizes them.

Examples of this can be seen in the top and bottom images. All you have to do is draw the thing you want calculated. For people with touch devices, this application brings a level of amazing convenience. Often you find yourself typing in a lot of numbers on your computer calculator but then you forget whether or not you had added a certain figure.

In addition to the convenience of simply writing it all down, the app helps you quickly retrace what you put down thereby enabling you to confirm which numbers have been skipped from your equations.


  • A user friendly application.
  • Compatible with computers running Windows 8.
  • Compatible with devices running Windows RT.
  • Detects the mathematical expressions that you write.
  • Computes those mathematical expressions from built-in calculator.

Check out Inkulator @

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