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Mobile and post-PC devices are the future of education, but there is a need for apps like student response systems to tie all this together and push the many innovations in the classroom. Infuse Learning is a teacher-to-student app that helps instructors make classes interactive by allowing students to respond to questions through their mobile phones or tablet device.

Infuse Learning lets you add classes to your dashboard. Once an invite is sent to students,  you can then push questions, quizzes and notes to the student from your device through their devices. Students can answer your prompts in real time for a more interactive experience.

Infuse Learning also helps teachers make their lessons more accessible to students with features like audio narration, translations, and image attachments.

Infuse is a great tool for distance learning environments, but it is also just as useful for classroom teaching. This app is helpful for any grade level, and can even work for webinars and online courses.


  • Push quizzes, questions, and prompts to students.
  • Unlocks creativity for new teaching methods.
  • Create public or private classes.
  • Platform agnostic and enables bring your own device in classrooms.

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