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Your IP address isn’t just a random series of numbers: it can be used to identify where you are geographically. In fact, almost all IP addresses can be traced to a geographic location somewhere on earth. InfoSniper can not only find out where the computer identified by any IP address is geographically, but it also goes one step further by showing you where this location is on a Google Map (Windows Live and Yahoo Maps are both offered as alternatives.)

find the geographic location of an ip address

Launch the program and you’ll be shown where you yourself are (unless, of course, you’re behind a proxy, you clever person.) Below the map you’ll find information regarding your ISP, your latitude and longitude and even your postal code.

Type any IP address into the bar at the top left to get the same information about the computer that IP address points to. This can be useful on occasion, but the more important thing about this is a lesson: you’re never truly anonymous online. If you can look this up easily, people can look this up about you just as easily.


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