Your Smartphone Is Spying On You [GRAPHIC]

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If you install an app on your smartphone these days, the chances are that it will ask to see your location, as well as other personal identifying data – and saying no to it will likely disable most, if not all of its appealing features.

One classic example of this is the newly remade Google Maps for the iPhone.  Obviously, being a maps application, it needs to know your location so it can help you with directions to and from home.  Another is Foursquare, which relies solely on knowing your location so it can broadcast it out to the whole world.

But in the rush to get involved in these apps, and be part of the “in-crowd”, how safe are these “location-based services” and is it worth the trade-off between security, privacy and safety, versus a convenient cool little app on your phone?

The infographic today is all about this very important subject.  When you allow location-based services to kick in, you are basically handing over all of your personal information to third party advertisers. But the vast majority of smartphone users would still use location-based app, which seems to suggest that, in this day and age of 24/7 Internet marketing, people really don’t care too much about who has their personal information.  As long as they have a cool phone app in return.

What are your own personal feelings on this? Are you willing to trade security, privacy and safety, in return for a cool smartphone app?  Or does your privacy win out every time?  Do you think smartphone users in general have become immune to online advertising and therefore do not care about who knows what about them?

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Image Source: Black Smartphone With An Eye via Shutterstock

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Jorge Andrade

i like the fact google maps lets me share my location with my close friends. so they know always where i am


Ahamed Yaseen

Nice article….


Junil Maharjan

you forgot one thing, location based apps also create locations based ads.


Migas Marques

Image broken… :(

Saikat Basu

No…it is perfectly alright.


Mac Witty

It is one of the disadvantages


Rohit Jhawer

Smartphone and Privacy is a increasing concern now a days. With so many apps out there one need to check before they install any new app.


Jaxx D

Well I quite regularly use Foursquare.



Great statistic data :) Wasn’t aware of this…


pete jr. josue

i do hope these apps wont be for stalking people…
thats bad…



Tom Cruz

I love this article. Very informative. Thank you.


Robert Backlund

Hey, in this day and age if anyone thinks that it is possible to keep his or her information private they are dreaming. You have already lost your privacy long ago so what difference does it make if you use an app that uses your location like Google maps. I however do not use any of the apps for Social networking, I do not have a Twitter, Facebook account and never will and never use any of the apps that report my location to those types of services. However I like using the mapping applications and using my smart phone the same way you would use a dedicated GPS device. Having a GPS in your pocket might just save your life one day.


shaurya gupta

When mobile becomes BOND 007……..


Rene Bernal

that’s why it’s called SmartPhone!


Sarah Lam

I find GPS to be useful but apart from that I don’t see the need to check in on Facebook or any other apps.


Joe Ndzulo

I really like the location features my device offers and the apps that let me use it for various useful purposes. However, with regards to privacy, I make sure to turn extra features on when need be.


Saumyakanta Sahoo

actually its a bit dangerous to use such apps ….as wrong person could a lot of info on you…

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