Where Is The World’s Data Being Stored? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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As the Internet gets bigger and bigger, so do the places needed to store all of that data. But where are these data centers exactly? Which ones are the largest and who owns them? How can we put 600 Exabytes into perspective so that we can truly understand its size?

This great infographic, provided by Mozy, shows us the answers to these questions and more. Let us know what you think about the infographic in the comments, along with any questions you may have.



Image Source : Shutterstock

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I am sharing this article on my blog and linking back to you.. I am also using your image source. Please allow me to do it. I really like this.


You are free to use the image. Please use the embed code located at the bottom of the image here

Also feel free to link back to this page on MakeUseOf.



Last I checked Europe is a continent, rather than a city in Wales.


Good catch, Tom!



Mark, I find it a bit frightening.  I thought cloud data storage would have been more diffusely placed, in these times of disruptive sabotage.

James Grimes

 my thoughts too


Harsha harsha

I liked this article. Can some one provide me data analytics related information that is conferences details or work opportunities / What are requirements to get such opportunities



I’d be curious hoow much dat is being stored by back-up services such as Carbonite and such.




Vivek Kumar

Thats great to see these in easy to understand manner….

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