Why It Sucks Being The IT Guy [INFOGRAPHIC]

itcrowd   Why It Sucks Being The IT Guy [INFOGRAPHIC] One of my favourite comedy shows has to be, without a doubt, The IT Crowd. Before, the IT department in a company had this image of being the fun killers that stopped you from browsing Facebook on the company computers during your lunch break. Post-IT Crowd, suddenly the IT departments were hip, cool and fun people to be around. What a difference a TV show makes (and it’s set to return next year). And one phrase was permanently burned into popular culture – “have you tried turning it off then back on again?

Despite the influence of the IT Crowd however, there are still drawbacks to being an “IT guy” (apologies to all the IT girls out there – I mean “guy” in its possible broadest sense). The IT guys are expected to do every single related computer job and their complaining colleagues are often the cause of their own misfortune (“I downloaded “hotnakedbodies.exe” from an unwanted email attachment and now my computer is riddled with viruses! This is all your fault!”).

Today’s infographic, shows some of the woes an IT person has to go through, from stereotypes to crazy colleagues. Are you an IT professional who can identify with some or all of these?  If so, tell us your crazy IT guy stories in the comments below.

And as a treat, for those of you who have yet to experience the delight of an IT Crowd episode, here is a clip from YouTube. Enjoy.

sucks it guy   Why It Sucks Being The IT Guy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic Source: Orsyp.com

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syed asghar

I was myself an IT helpdesk guy I know exactly how it feels to be one.

Shane Kroening

Being an IT Professional I have seen many of the aforementioned example situations. One of my most entertaining was probably when a client called in regards to their email not syncing. When I arrived on site to assist them it turns out their were talking about their text messages on their iPhone and they wanted to know why they were not being displayed in their outlook inbox!

Dustin Smith

This is a very true document. Makes me laugh, I have one of each of these types in the office.

Daniel Affourtit

Oh man its so true.

Andrew Newey

haha, very good :)

benn dennison

one of our costumers asked how to run a back up. then attach it to an email. in the same token called to say her computer would not power on, asked her to plug the power source into the wall outlet, she turn around and ask what is a power source. called a day later saying her internet isn’t working came to find out the cat5 cable wasn’t plug into the laptop.

salvador hernandez

I love that show. fun read for anyone who works in IT.

salvador hernandez

I love that show. fun read for anyone who works in IT.

Igor Rizvi?

I remember going in highschool…and having pratice days in one of my it service…we had an CSI guy..he was right alrtight ….he tought me alot of stuff back then….i was sorry to hear saysing he got laid off from work…he was a nice guy….and smart indeed…..nice infographics

Jason Williams

being the IT guy in my company this is beyond true.

Curtis C.

Very Nice Infographic! :)


this infographic is funny

Rene Bernal

so real true!


I often have to do all of this at home. My stepdad, who actually works with tech daily [!!!] is the idiot downloader and thinks nothing of the scams like ‘work at home and make 500 dollars daily!’ then gets mad when I call him on it. At least my mom is semi-competent, Funnily enough, my grandmother is the most tech savvy person in the family. Hand her an android phone and away she goes! :D

If you like this infographic, you should check out Clients from Hell on tumblr. It more or less focuses on the web designer side of things but it’s really relatable when you have to explain to someone that no, email does not send messages to your physical mailbox.

Mark O’Neill

I LOVE Clients from Hell. I bought their book when it first came out. :-)

Anish M

The Truth of IT Guys Life

Evan Spangler

This is my life.

Ken Savage

Anyone in help desk support ever get the call “the internet is down” or “I can open this email attachment” Clients work is hell sometimes but it can be rewarding to learn to technologies and hardware/software.

Sashritha Peiris

This is such a true infographic

Alan Craig

Very funny, sadly I think they were being a bit gentle as it is so much worse than this. lol


hilarious being an IT guy! I spent probably half an hour adressing a “cannot login” problem where the user insists that the password has been changed by someone. not to mention that she was looking at me suspiciously during the time I explained to her that an administrator does not know the users password and does not intent or care to do so ever. after half an hour of nearly shouting to each other she suddenly stopped and quietly admit that she did change her password some days ago and forgot about it. no apology though!

Teodoro Villamarzo

One of the most tiring questions IT guys (and gals) have to ask (at least in our office) is “Have you plugged it in?” after being called up from the executive suite and being berated that the computer was alright yesterday and today it doesn’t work.
The usual response is ” Oh! It’s alright now!”

Patrick Jackson

:( Same here. True that.

Gerhard Tinned

Amazing! Found fo much of people i know in it. :-)


Wow…i know too many of these people. Life is rough in IT.