How To Twitter Effectively [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Twitter has come a long way since it first began back in 2006.¬†From such humble roots as “found some fluff in my navel this morning” to “had cornflakes for breakfast, rather soggy“, it is now the default source for news networks looking for a quick “public opinion” as well as the place where news actually breaks first before the established networks get a hold of it. Journalists and politicians now also consider it absolutely essential to have Twitter accounts so they can inform everyone of their opinions and what they’re up to.

Speaking from personal experience, Twitter can be quite addictive but you have to do it the right way to get the most out of it.¬†That’s why I wrote The Complete Guide To Twitter some time back and I highly recommend that you read it (no bias there of course!).¬†Twiends has also produced a fantastic infographic showing how to quickly get started with Twitter, from choosing the right username to using hashtags and lists.

As usual, let us know what you think in the comments. Is there something else Twiends should have mentioned in their infographic for someone to do well on Twitter?

Image Credit : Byrion

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Duane Morin

Somebody tell them they’ve got a typo — “usename” — in step 4. :)


You should tweet about it.


Fear and Loathing 2.0

Wow, this is very helpful! I admit I’m *very* late to the social party (and in fact, am still getting ready — by the time I get to Twitter I might be an old crow).

One thing though, in my Journalism 101 course we were told that a journalist needs to remain impartial unless s/he is an op-ed writer. Am I correct in assuming that’s no longer the case, as seen rather infamously with the collapse of the world’s most powerful *conservative* news organization and the recent term “liberal media”?

Even so, it kinda makes me wonder what Hunter Thompson would tweet/blog about if he were alive today. :)

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