Super Mario Family Tree Version 1 [GRAPHIC]

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Lots of great classic games have been invented and played over the years, but if one had to be chosen as the standout classic of all time, then nothing would beat the little Italian plumber called Mario, who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom. Ever since Donkey Kong in 1981, Mario has appeared in over 200 games, as well as a television series and a movie.

Here at MakeUseOf, we have covered Mario in various previous posts, including the 10 best free online Mario games, the 4 best Mario spinoff franchises, while our biggest Mario fan, Justin, has previously covered Mario’s history, and the best fan-made Mario game.

The following infographic today takes a look at the first part of Mario’s “family tree”, starting at the very bottom with his 1981 Donkey Kong appearance, and gradually making its way to the top to 1996 and his three appearances in Game Gallery, Battle Stadium and Legend of the Seven Stars. ¬†Obviously Mario’s history continues on from there but that is the subject of “version 2″ of the infographic. ¬†Do you want us to show it?

Let us know in the comments what Mario game you prefer. Has he got better and matured over the years like a fine whiskey, or is Mario getting tiring and boring?

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Garris Rago

Whilst I wasn’t one of ‘the original kids’ to play these games when they came out, I have been lucky enough to play them now and in my opinion, these older games are a better quality because they are so simple yet so entertaining at the same time whereas todays games strive to be the best by including a plethora of features and minigames and levels and objectives and collectible items and powerups and integration with your microsoft accounts………. the list goes on but the older games are sufficient with only a handful of features. Just my two pence.

William Lewis

I agree. The thing I love the most about older games is they last a very long time, vs the disc games of today, and the ability of playing them with my nieces and still be able to have fun. Simple + Fun = Win

Lisa Santika Onggrid

Yeah. I like complicated RPGs, but Classic Mario is entertaining because it’s truly a game we play ‘for fun’. I doubt it’d be such a success if they include plot elements/features/minigames early on.

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