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Stumble Through 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC] stumbleupon logo One of the greatest inventions ever made on the Internet, has to be without a doubt, Stumbleupon. Stumbleupon is responsible for people finding websites they wouldn’t normally find, as well as destroying an entire day in front of the computer. You begin stumbling through a few sites and 6 hours later, you’re sitting in a zombie-like state, glazed eyes, finger clicking automatically on the mouse key, droning “just one more site, just one more….

Our infographic today comes from the official Stumbleupon blog, an infographic that they themselves made, showing all the most popular Stumbles of 2012, in areas such as TV shows (I’m a little amazed that Beavis and Butthead made it into the top 5 – I was under the impression that show had been cancelled), music, movies, and celebrities.  And Stumbleupon also breaks down the interests according to age-group. The under-18’s are into beauty and Justin No-Talent….er….sorry, Bieber. And those over the age of 45 (the Cardigan Brigade) are more into gardening and home improvement.

Have you been using Stumbleupon in 2012, in particular their totally new redesign?  If so, what were you searching / Stumbling for the most?

Stumble Through 2012

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